Jatar Kul Purush

I thought this is a good opportunity to let you all know that Sarala and I visited our Kul Daivat Vijaya Durga at Keri on 27 November 2006. There is an institution called ‘Kul Purush’, which is actually a deity. Jatar Kul Purush is located at Govind Madhav Mandir at Dharali, which is about an hour’s car drive on way to Panjim from Keri. We visited the temple. It is not in a good shape. Its front door did not open and we had to make an entry through the residence of the pujari Shri Avdhoot Pengse. Shri Avdhoot Pengse was out. We met Mrs. Pengse.

Contributed by Sudhir. Maj. Gen SCN Jatar (Retd)

The significance of the Kul Purush:

Kulpurush ( called as कुलपुरुष in Sanskrit and कुळपुरुस or पुरुस in Konkani ) is believed to be the progenitor of a clan. Kul literally could mean lineage, race, family, or clan and Purusha could mean man, soul, spirit or even chief.

This aspect of ancestral worship is very predominant in Goa and is prevailing till date.According to Goan Folklore researcher Mr Vinayak Vishnu Khedekar,the word Purus pr Puris originated from the Sanskrit word Puris. All the communities and castes including Brahmins have custom of and tradition of Kulapurusha of their clan. A separate temple is found in the vicinity of Kuldevta temple, and Kulapurush is often worshipped in the form of Shiva or Narayana or sometimes in the form of a stone, sword, idol, or any other form like a stick or even a shield.

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