Jankibai, Yamutai Dev before marriage was married to Shriram Bhikaji Jatar, the patriarch of our branch of the Jatar family. Jankibai, popularly known as Aaisaheb belonged to the Dev family of Poona. Her brother Rambhaumama was our family’s religious advisor and astrologer, much respected by Bapurao and the entire family. His two sons Ganpatrao and Gajananrao were also popular figures in the family. The date or year of birth and even the marriage date of Aaisaheb are not known. She was not educated beyond primary school but she was a pillar of strength to her husband. She was mature, wise, kind hearted and yet strong willed, with a religious bent of mind.

There was a poem written on her by a family member which was given in a newspaper. Here it is:

7 thoughts on “Aaisaheb

  1. It is nice that Nita uploaded Aaisahib’s portrait.
    Bhausaheb’s family, and I presume others too, had very close association with GajananKaka and he too was our family astrologer. His son Dattarao (now 81) is still in touch with me and we call him and family for all our family functions. He is the only link, as far as I know, that we have with Deo family. Dattarao’s telephone number in Pune is 020.24358189.
    Ganpatrao did not have a son. Her daughters are married and well settled.
    Sudhir Jatar


  2. Hi Nita,

    I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this website which I had heard about
    from Latamavshi and others!
    I have several historical anecdotes to contribute if you like, related to me by my mother (Bhausaheb’s grand daughter).

    For starters, here is a poem oft repeated to us children, as part of Jatar family history. These moving lines were composed by a grieving Bapurao upon his mother Aaisaheb’s death. We kids were especially fascinated by the first line as it included our grandmother’s name.

    ” Chani ,Bani, Kumudini, Inda, Godu che te lahaanse baala,
    Khelati aanandane nacha janun ghaav ghaali ha kaal.

    Shriramachi jaaya devasuta Janaki pavitra sati
    Geli sodun aamha zhalo yastava anaath ya jagati”

    The children referred to in the first line are Chani, Banutai(Inamdar)- his daughters; Kumud mavshi(Borgaonkar)-Balasaheb’s daughter; Indira Jatar (Bhajekar)( my maternal grandmother, Bhausaheb’s eldest daughter).I don’t know the last one.

    Best wishes,


  3. Welcome Rama! If you notice not many of our family members have contributed to this website and it’s been a source of disappointment for me. I did recieve a write-up of your grandmother, and my aunt, InduAtya but as it was in Marathi I was unable to use it. If you can translate that (sent to me by your dad) and also give a write up on your mom, I will be extremely grateful!!


  4. Thanks Nita.I will try to send some more.

    Here is a loose English translation of the Marathi verse above:

    Chani,Bani, Kumudini, Inda and Godu’s little
    Happily play, innocent of the cruel blow Fate has dealt;

    The wife of Shriram, Janaki, divine daughter,
    pure and faithful,

    Has left us, leaving me orphaned in this world.



  5. On second thought, it is probably Devasuta not devasuta, which more logically translates as daughter of the Devs( Deos), since that was her maiden name. Do change the phrase ‘ divine daughter’ in my translation!


  6. Dear All, Had heard about the Jatars since a long time . We stay in Ashok Nagar ,Range Hills Road and do remember my Dad Late Captain Jaywant Deshmukh(Corps of Engineers, The Bombay Sappers ) mentioning Air Cmde Jatar .
    2. Well as they say it is indeed a small world. Just yesterday morning at around 0915 whilst on my way back after my morning walk it started drizzling .Well fortunately had an umbrella & opened it & was walking back when I noticed an elderly gentleman waiting under a tree .Offered him the use of my umbrella which he politely declined. Had seen him during my walks earlier.
    3. An hour later once again on my way back from BOB nearby bumped into him again! Well this time got talking to him about & we shared thoughts .On my asking where he stayed he mentioned Anouska Apts .Finally on my asking him his name ,he said”Arun Jatar”
    Well it was indeed a pleasure to finally meet a Jatar after so many years as also that he was a Flying Officer having served in the Air Force albeit for a short time in the early sixties.
    Wg Cdr JJ Deshmukh


    1. Thank you Wg CDr for your comment! I think you met my second cousin.
      Nice to know that you have heard of my uncle Air Cmde Jatar.
      My dad, Maj Gen SCN Jatar is also a Bombay Sapper. I am sure he must have known your father.


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