About Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar

Kumudini Borgaokar nee Jatar was the only long surviving child of Balasaheb Jatar. She was born on Dec 2 , 1908 and died on Feb 14, 1994 in Pune. She attended schools in Nagpur and then Fergusson College in Pune. She was also an Immigrant of USA and lived here off and on (from 1972 to 1976) after her husband’s death in 1971. She returned to India, to be with her mother who died in 1982. Days before her planned return to USA, she broke her hip, in a fall at her daughter’s residence in Dec 1983.

 Contributed by Bal Borgaonkar

Uday Dudhbhate‘s memories:

On the occasion of Narakchaturdashi I have my favourite memory of my grandmother Kumudini Jatar Borgaonkar whom we called Aai. In 1965-66 Diwali I was the only grandchild staying in my grandparents’ Hyderabad house. At that age too Aai got up at 4 in the morning to start Bumb to heat up water & woke me up for Abhangya snan. Not only that she gleefully burst Apatbars while every one was having bath & asked me to burst few she was having bath. I had lot of fun that Diwali.

There’s a saying in Marathi– Grandparents are first friends of a grandchild & Grandchild/grandchildren are last friends of grandparents.

4 thoughts on “About Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar

  1. I remember meeting Kumud mavshi and her cousin Banu mavshi (actually my mom’s mavshis) at my grandmother’s (Indirabai Bhajekar) home ,where they would often visit.

    I have a childhood memory of one or perhaps both of them singing an amusing song to us called “Three Jews came from Jerusalem”.My sister and I were amazed to hear nauvari clad aajis singing in English and enjoyed it!



  2. The song above from Banutai (she was my first cousin from my uncle’s side) reminds me of a song, which her husband Annasaheb (he too was my first cousin from my atya’s side) used to sing often after his return from London where he was sent by Bapurao for higher education:

    Single L double OO double N D,
    Put it together and tell it to me!

    Leelatai Talwalkar (my elder sister) used to tell us about this because she has actually heard this.


  3. Kumudini(my wife Kumudini Dudhbhate née Desai shares first name with her) Borgaonkar was my maternal grandmother & remember she teaching us Ramraksha & Marutistotra. Aai (we all Grandchildren used to call her Aai) was very gritty lady and very social. Her stories of playing badmington in nauwaris in Ferguson College are legendary. Aai & Baba (Shankarrao Borgaonkar ) stayed in huge house in Hyderabad and my childhood memories of that house are unforgettable . In my 8th std spent one month travelling south India with Aai , Baba in the company of Shankaracharya.


  4. Kumudini Borgaonkar and me we share our names and probably thus got very close the 1st instance we saw each other after I got married and came into the family
    She was very talkative and liked me particularly because I would take some time to get ready and loved to see me and at times also pass a comment and discuss color combinations as well
    She had talked to me too her ferguson college days particularly those instances were these young girls in nawari sadi would ogle at the boys clad in Dhotar and topi play badminton and when they would play a shot aggressively their topi would fly in the air and theses girls would giggle and have fun
    Aai as we all addressed her was very particular of what she ate she would have 2 vatis of varan bhaji koshimbir 2 polis bhat and taak this was her balanced meal everyday she would take a long time to finish and I would sit beside her chatting while she stayed with us in Bungalow no. 5 on jail road yerwada pune and later till the end when she had some difficulty remembering names she never forgot mine

    Kumud Dudhbhate


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