A tribute to Dr. Prabhudas Bhupatkar by his daughter-in-law

I felt really proud to read about Dada. In relation I am Dr. Prabhudas Bhupatkar’s daughter-in-law. (Dasukaka is the son of Autai, who was the elder sister of Bhausaheb and daughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar). But he treated me as his daughter. After me and Ashutosh got engaged the first time I went to their house Dada told me that you are like “Suneeti” to me!!

After I got married I heard a lot of things about Dasukaka’s temper! But fortunately I never experienced it myself.Many a times Ashutosh used to come late, dada always used to wait with me. Whenever we (me and Ashutosh) fought he used to take my side and gave support like a father!

He used to play like a kid with Alok and Maithily! There was a big debate whether to put Alok in an English medium school or Marathi!But Dada solved the problem in no time. He said if you are planning to put him in an English medium school choose the best one. Fortunately Alok got into the best school. All credits to Baba kaka and Dada.

When I read about Dada my mind was flooded with lot of memories. I am really proud to be in the BHUPATKAR FAMILY!!

Contributed by Madhulika Bhupatkar

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