A recent photograph of Dr Sheila Bhagvat and Gen SCN Jatar

This photograph was taken in Thane last year when I went to visit my aunt SheilaAtya at her residence in Thane, Maharashtra. My dad was with me(her younger brother). I thought I would share this picture with all of you.


Dr Sheila Bhagvat is my aunt who is now 83 years old and she is a gynaecologist who singlehandedly ran the Bhagvat Hospital in Thane for many years. Her son Milind Bhagvat, is also a doctor. She is the daughter of Bhausaheb and the grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar.


4 thoughts on “A recent photograph of Dr Sheila Bhagvat and Gen SCN Jatar

  1. Greetings and Regards From Trichy Nice to see Gen S C N Jatar whom I have known while in service . A Very nice Officer and Gentleman with a very good Professional standards . Good to see him happy and active . Regards to him


  2. My name is Rajendra Prasad, my mother was Dr. Sheela’s close friend. My Mother’s name is Subbalakshmi, Dr. Sheela was my mother’s Gynaec ever since my conception in 1957. The tradition continued to the next generation as well, my 2 sisters and my wife also consulted Dr. Sheela during their pregnancies. Please convey our best regards to Dr. Sheela as well as Dr. Milind. We moved out of Thane in 1998 and are now settled in Bangalore.
    Rajendra Prasad (son of Mrs. Subbalakshmi)


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