A group photo of the older generation

This is a photograph of some Jatars, and others who had a female Jatar ancestor. This photograph was taken on the seventy-fifth birthday celebrations. These men are more or less the same age although some are cousins, and others children of cousins. You can check out if you see any resemblance between them!

All of the woman in this photograph are the spouses, and not of Jatar ancestry.

The people standing from left to right are Chandu Jatar, Maj Gen. SCN (Sudhir) Jatar, Bal Borgaokar, Ashok Bhajekar, Brig. Raghunath Jatar and Jayanta Jatar.

The women sitting are Sarla Jatar (nee Purandare), wife of Sudhir Jatar, Manda Borgaokar (nee Purandare), wife of Bal Borgaokar, Sunila Bhajekar (nee Ganorkar) and Nilakshi Jatar (nee Bal), wife of Raghunath Jatar.

1) Chandu Jatar is the son of  Babukaka who was the son of Bapurao Jatar, who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Chandu is the same age as Sudhir, because of the age difference between the two brothers – Bapurao and Bhausaheb.
2) Maj. Gen. SCN Jatar  is the son of Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar, who was the younger brother of Bapurao.
3) Bal Borgaokar’s mother was a Jatar and her name was Kumudini Jatar, and she was the daughter of Balasaheb (brother to Bapurao and Bhausaheb), son of Shriram Jatar. Kumudini’s husband was Shankarao Borgaokar.
4) Ashok Bhajekar is the son of Indirabai Bhajekar, who was the eldest child of Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar
5) Brig. Raghunath Jatar is the son of Abbasaheb, who was also known as Vishnu Shriram Jatar, another one of Shriram’s sons, and brother to Bapurao, and Bhausaheb.
6) Jayanta (Dattatrya) Jatar, is the son of Appasaheb, who was the son of Bapurao. Due to the fact that Bapurao was many years older than Bhausaheb, Jayanta is the same age as Sudhir. He is married to Sheila Pandit, but she is not in the photograph.

(Photo provided by Sudhir Jatar and written by Nita Jatar Kulkarni)

7 thoughts on “A group photo of the older generation

  1. Dear Mr. Vijay Narayan Jatar. Do you know how you are related to us, on the family tree? True, we have the same last name, and the chances are that there is some connection, but how far back? Do you have the family tree of your family?
    – Nita.


    1. Thanks for the quick response, I don’t know much about from my father side but my grandfather was philosopher, he wrote two books on philosophy one SWANAND SAMRAJYA and other one AUTUMN WHAT IT IS ( ENGLISH ). We have two temple’s in BANARAS and in AYODHYA in UP.
      Our Kuldevat is KANAKADITYA in Kashsli (Konkan) and Kuldevi is VIJAYADURGA in Ponda Keri ( Goa )
      Hope will help this information to get some information​ about our ancestors. Thanks again. My mobile number is 8888930859


      1. Dear Mr. Narayan Jatar,
        As you have the same Kuladevat as us and also Kuldevi, clearly there must be some blood relationship. But we do not have your family tree. We only have ours, our direct line from Krishnarao Jatar who was born around the year 1700. He is our direct ancestor and probably yours too but this cannot be confirmed by us. Krishnarao Jatar was the grandfather of my great-great-great grandfather.
        The only way to confirm is for some male member of your family to undergo a dna test from ftdna.com.
        If you do this, we might be able to find out for sure whether there is a blood relationship with our family and how far back.
        This post will give you information about our ancestors. You probably belong somewhere there too, but there are so many branches we cannot know which unless you yourself have kept records. But as I said, the dna test could shed some light.


      2. One more thing. You said that your grandfather wrote books. What was his name? And about the temples. What are the names of the temples, where are they located and who built them? Were they built by your family members or is it just a place where you would go to worship? If they have been built by a Jatar, which year, and what was his name?


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