DK Jatar’s Last Journey

There is some interesting information on Capt. D.K. Jatar’s last journey (our esteemed ancestor Annarao, the first civilian to receive the Ashok Chakra for extraordinary bravery) in a book by RM Lala (Beyond The Last Blue Mountain – A life of JRD Tata).

D.K. Jatar was Bapurao’s youngest son, known as Annakaka in the family. Annakaka was the grandson of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

The excerpt shown here is about the Air India plane called the Kashmir Princess which crashed; the plane which was supposed to be carrying the Chinese Premier – Chou (or Zhou) En-Lai. It was piloted by Capt. Jatar.

This the cover of the book.
book cover

This is the start of the write-up, on page 153. It is the behind the scenes explanation as to what happened – where Chou (or Zhou) En-Lai was going, and why.


The next page has the details on why the plane which was supposed to ferry the Chinese Premier did not actually have him as a passenger. It confirms the theory that Chou En-Lai knew of the plot to assassinate him beforehand. It also has eye-witnesses telling us of the amazing bravery of Annarao aka Capt. DK Jatar, who stayed in the pilot’s seat and was cool and calm till the end.

Additional information is given in this book about the sad fact that Annarao was not meant to take this ill-fated flight. He asked to go in Capt. Vishvanath’s place. Another piece of interesting information is that although China was warned, they did not pass on the warning to the Indian government. As a result, many people (including Chinese citizens) died aboard the Kashmir Princess, even though the Chinese Premier was saved. Perhaps the Chinese government withheld the information deliberately and wanted the plane to go as a decoy. Whatever the reason, it result in a tragedy for the Jatar family.

Here is the second part of the excerpt on page 154.


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(The information about this book was shared with us by Neelima Raddi, the daughter of Indira Bhajekar nee Jatar, and the grand-daughter of Bhausaheb. Neelutai ensured that this excerpt was read aloud to all the ladies who had gathered for the monthly bhishi.)

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