Video recording of Pramila Desai

Pramila Desai is the great grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar and grand daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, the son who passed away very early, from T.B., leaving behind his daughter Kumud and widow Ramabai Jatar (known as Ramabai Dudai). Pramila is one of Kumud’s three daughters and presently lives in the USA.

This video was taken by her son Ranjan Desai in the US, and sent to us for the Jatar Get together (video recording here) of 29th of November 2015.

Here are the links to the video recordings of the other family members:

Bhalachandra Jatar (Chandu) video
Anjali Jatar Video
Jayanta Jatar Video
Video Recording of Sudhir Jatar
Nirmala Jatar’s video recording
Video recording of Dr. Usha Thakar


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