Jayanta Jatar Video

Jayanta Jatar is the son of Appasaheb, and the grandson of Bapurao and the great-grand son of Shriram Jatar.

This video was shot by his daughter Sanhita’s son Priyank Jatar Get-Together held on (video recording here) the 29th of November 2015.

Jayantakaka reminisces about his childhood and talks a great deal about his grand-father, Bapurao, who was looked after his brothers and sisters after his father passed away.

Here are the links to the video recordings of the other family members:

Bhalachandra Jatar (Chandu) video
Anjali Jatar Video
Video Recording of Sudhir Jatar
Video recording of Pramila Desai
Video recording of Dr. Usha Thakar
Nirmala Jatar’s video recording


One thought on “Jayanta Jatar Video

  1. Jayantrao
    This is Yashwant Bhagwat. Your brother Madhav used to come to our place and meet us. You are a student of NMV Pune, am I right ?
    You had come to our Ravivar Peth Pune house when we were NMV students..
    Good Luck
    Yashwant Bhagwat
    son of Krishnaji R Bhagwat


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