Udaiyan Jatar

Udaiyan Jatar is the great-grandson son of Kashinath Shriram Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar,  and this is the family tree of Shriram. One of Bapurao’s sons was Shantaram Jatar (known as Babukaka) who married Malti Phadnis. Udaiyan is Babukaka’s grand-son, and the son of Dinkar (Kumar) Jatar and Shaila Raje Pant.

Udiayan founded Blue Earth Network (here is a link to his website) after a successful career creating and launching new brands for Grey, P&G and Coca-Cola across the world. He developed the launch strategies for Kinley and Sprite in India, which became the #1 and #2 brands for Coke in that strategic market.

This led to a transfer to Coke’s global headquarters in Atlanta, where he eventually became the youngest leader of the Coca-Cola Nestle Refreshments Company, a joint venture between the world’s biggest beverage and food companies, respectively. His success at revamping that business led to Coca-Cola and Nestle deciding to elevate the JV to a strategic priority and naming it “Beverage Partners Worldwide”.

Udaiyan went on to become the youngest Global Vice-President at Coca-Cola, leading strategy, innovation and marketing for Global R&D. Several innovations came of his work including the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that was intended to give consumers the freedom to choose healthier beverages. Forbes magazine called the Freestyle machine one of the two coolest innovations of the decade (the other being the iPhone). It is now a $1 billion business.

While at Coke, Udaiyan also founded the first 100% fair trade and carbon neutral brands launched by a Fortune 500 company, called Far Coast and ChaQwa. These brands were based on a highly disruptive technology developed in-house by Coke under Udaiyan’s leadership, that allowed food retailers to compete with Starbucks in the high-end specialty coffee category. It was, ultimately, too successful, and was seen as a threat by some of the bigger Quick Service customers of Coca-Cola, and the company decided to close down some of the flagship stores used to market the brand.

Armed with the knowledge, experience and conviction that transformative innovation and branding is possible in large organizations with the right leadership, Udaiyan “retired” from Coca-Cola to focus on researching, practicing and teaching transformative innovation and branding.

All his experience and research led to the development of the Blue Earth Model for Transformative Innovation.

The Blue Earth Model© integrates the process, tools and skills required to discover, invent and scale transformative solutions. This model has been used by organizations large and small like Verizon, Heinz, the Gates Foundation, NewTree and Captain Planet.

The model is based on a 15-year study that distilled and codified the underlying forces behind successful social movements or Transcendent Brands©.

These forces include the power of purpose, behavioral dynamics, inspiring communication, social connections and the structural integrity of the organization and its culture. Harnessing these have enabled leaders to dismantle empires (Gandhi), transform civil rights (MLK) and build transcendent brands (Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson etc.)

Udaiyan’s popular TEDx talk outlines this model.

He has helped leadership at several global businesses like Panasonic, Verizon, IHG and Heinz to develop their long-term growth strategies. His work has included training global scientists working on solving some of humanities greatest challenges funded by the Gates Foundation and other global institutions.

He is an inspiring speaker who has enthralled audiences at prestigious events like President Obama’s Summit on Entrepreneurship, at the University of Oxford and HEC, Paris and the Innovation MasterClass at 3M and Coca-Cola global headquarters.

Udaiyan is a fellow of London’s Royal Society for the Arts, and serves on various boards including the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, two children (Rohan (16) and Anaya (13) and the family dog.

(Written by Udaiyan Jatar)


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