Birthday Speeches

On 21st January 2018, five cousins celebrated their august years, and their loved ones made speeches. The five cousins are the descendants of four Jatar brothers (Kashinath (Bapurao), Rangnath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb), and Vishnu (Abasaheb).  The birthday people are Bal Borgaonkar (descendant of Balasaheb), Chandu Jatar (descendant of Bapurao), Brig. R.V. Jatar (descendant of Abasaheb), Maj. Gen. S.C.N. Jatar and his elder sister, 90 year old Dr. Usha Thakar (descendants of Bhausaheb).

Here are a series of videos (all made by Niharika Jatar) which show the loved ones talking about their elders. The first one despicts Ranjit Jatar, the son of Brig. R.V. Jatar, Ravi (Nilkanth) Jatar, the son of Maj. Gen. S.C.N Jatar, and Kumud Dudhbhate, the wife of Uday Dudhbhate, the nephew of Bal Borgaonkar.

In the video below Brig. Raghunath (RV) Jatar speaks, and also sings a very apt song for the occasion.

The video below shows Suhas Thakar talking about his uncle, Maj Gen. S.C.N. Jatar.

In the video below Kumud Dudhbhate speaks about her uncle Bal Borgaonkar and Sonya, his daughter sends a message for her dad through an audio tape from the US. After this Bal Borgaonkar speaks about his life, in Marathi and English.

In the video below Bhalachandra Jatar, popularly known as Chandu, speaks.

In the video below, Maj. Gen S.C.N. Jatar is speaking, introduced to the audience by his daughter Nita. And sorry, the first 10-12 seconds of this video is not vertical.

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