Sarika Pandit – the traveloholic

Sarika Pandit is the grand daughter of Bal Jatar, who was the son of Abasaheb, and the grand-son of Shriram Jatar.

Veena Pandit nee Jatar, the daughter of Bal Jatar, married Ajit Pandit. Sarika is their daughter. Sarika wrote a wonderful book called the “BUCKET LIST OF A TRAVELOHOLIC.” It was reviewed by a tech writer from Bangalore called Nishi. Here is the text of her review.

CaptureThe book is structured very systematically. Each chapter devoted to one country or trip. Her writing style is entertaining and readable. I also love how her enthusiasm for travel and the places she visits just leaps from the page.

A lot of Indians are terrible travelers – concerns about food, safety, clothing, value for money etc. She throws all those concerns into the dustbin and just enjoys every minute of her trip. Of course, there are a few moments when she panics or worries, but they are all treated very light-heartedly and impartially. For example, a troubling visa moment when she enters Israel could have blighted her entire trip but it was great how she shrugged it off and proceeded along with the rest of the journey with optimism and joie de vivre.

Yes, that’s the word I am looking for in this review. This book is the very essence of joie de vivre and reading it brought a little adventure and joy into my daily humdrum life as well.

If I have a complaint about the book, it is that it could have been better produced – it definitely deserved better design to do justice to all the photographs in it. Speaking of photographs, it would have also been better if they were placed close to the concerned section of the book, rather than tucked away at the back of the chapter.

However, apart from these nit-picks, I really enjoyed this read and highly recommend it for travel junkies and even timid travelers. It will really inspire you to plan your next journey.

If you want to buy her book check out this Amazon link

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