Bal Kaka’s death anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of Bal Kaka (Balkrishna Jatar), the son of Abasaheb, and the grand-son of Shriram Jatar. We, the descendants of Shriram Jatar, have a WhatsApp group in which we often share memories. And today Ranjit, the son of Brig. R.V. Jatar, and the grandson of Abasaheb and the nephew of Bal Kaka, started the conversation by telling us of his memories of his uncle, and posted two of his photos.

Here are Ranjit’s sentiments:

Bal KakaToday is Bal Kakas death anniv.

Most of us here knew him.

He was among the warmest people we all knew. A big heart. Witty. A good sport. Twinkling eyes even when occasionally he got annoyed. Wiling to help.

A great DNA for all of us to follow. Except when he would sit next to you in a movie theatre and snore. ( Remember those days when going for a movie was a BIG occasion?)

He would love it if today evening we raise a toast. Soda with soda, or soda with ….

RIP Bal Kaka!! Hope you are enjoying your pipe ..unless you have upscaled to cigars….and enjoyed the IPL.

There were other comments and they are all reproduced here:Balk

Mohini Kirtane: Perfect description of Bal mama . He and Vimaltai were unforgettable fwith their quick ready wit. Balmamas jokes at times would be real pjs. RIP

Lalita Natu: RIP to our dear Balakaka! He and my father Sharad Jatar were very close and we’re having great memories of those times!

Veena Jatar, Bal Kaka’s daughter: Thnx Ranjit for the write-up… true to his personality he must have taken centrestage up there as well….
We 3 are v proud to be his daughters & miss him dearly…

Hirkani Padhye: Yes We do remember him for his great personality and witty jokes especially during card sessions !!! He was my mama and Kaka !!! RIP Bal kaka 🙏

Vaishali Inamdar: RIP Balakaka. We too have very fond memories of him. Shashank still recalls that kaka had called him a few days before he passed away and said that he just wanted to chat with him. When my father, Madhav Jatar wanted to go to Tata hospital for consultation Balakaka said to my father that we must stay with him,as my father had permanently shifted to Pune. We miss you Balakaka🙏

I too have fond memories of Bal Kaka. He was a warm, loving and welcoming personality. May he rest in peace.

(Posted by Nita j Kulkarni)

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