The Jatar Family Bhishis

Bhishi is a gathering of people who generally meet monthly and each contributes a small amount towards a fund which goes to the person hosting it. It is a type of kitty party…in other words, it is an excuse to keep in touch on a regular basis.

The women of the Jatar Family (and their descendants) have done a great job in maintaining the bhishi for the last 20 years, and more. It’s amazing that the bhishi includes not just first, second and third cousins (spouses too) but also cousins twice removed. Also aunts and nieces, several times removed. The bhishi has everyone with Jatar blood, or someone who has married someone with Jatar blood. The Jatar in them is the common thread binding everyone together. All of us meet not only at home, but also in restaurants, and go for picnics. Once you follow the links, you will get more information on the person.

This bhishi was started by Indira Bhajekar nee Jatar. She believed in maintaining family ties.

bhishi group

The above photograph is from the Pune bhishi taken at Mangala Bhadkamkar’s place (she is the daughter of the heroic DK Jatar.) 

From Left to Right (Top Row): Anjali (not related to the Jatar family), Vaishali Inamdar (nee Jatar), Rupa Abhayankar (grand-daughter of Shankarao Borgaonkar) Anjani Mangalmurti, Neelima Raddi (daughter of Indira Bhajekar), Sarala Jatar (nee Purandare),  the daughter-in-law of Bhausaheb, Medha Jatar (nee Khare), the daughter-in-law of Raghunath JatarKumud Dudhbhate,  and Salila Bhadkamkar (Mangala’s daughter-in-law), and Neelakshi Jatar (nee Bal) who is now no more, and Vidya Chand.

Bottom Row: Maneesha Jatar (nee Marathe) the daughter-in-law of Sudhir Jatar, Anagha Dudhbhate, Nita Kulkarni (nee Jatar) the daughter of Sudhir and Sarala Jatar, Neelima Bhupatkar and Mangala Bhadkamkar (daughter of DK Jatar)


The photograph above was taken on the terrace of Neelima Raddi’s house in Pune.

Standing from left to right: Mohini Kirtane, Vaishali Inamdar, Maneesha Rao (married to Nitin Rao, the grand-son of Shankarao Borgaonkar), Vidya Chand, Neelima Bhupatkar, the daughter-in-law of Prabhudas Bhupatkar, Nita Kulkarni, Mangala Bhadkamkar, Maneesha Jatar and Rupa Abhayankar.

The photograph below was taken from another bhishi day.

bhish group

From Left to Right: Madhuri Bhupatkar, Nita Kulkarni, Neelima Bhupatkar, Mangala Bhadkamkar, Neelima Raddi and Vaishali Inamdar.

This photo below was taken at one of the picnics the women went to.


The photo below is of the  group of ladies of the Bombay Bhishi. Right to Left: Urmila Khan nee Muthe, Mrinalini Kher, Lalkari Inamdar nee Biniwale, Anagha Muthe, Shailaja Nanal, Anjali Jatar nee Prabhu, Veena (Kaveri) Pandit nee Jatar, Unknown, and lastly the one in the magenta sari is Mrudula Mahabal nee Jatar.

jatar bhishi

In the photograph below: Left to Right: Sheila Jatar nee Pandit, Urmila Belur nee Jatar, Mrudula, Anagha Muthe, Lalita (Sheela) Natu nee Jatar, Ujwala Dhavale nee Pendse, Mrinal and Veena (sitting on the floor).


5 thoughts on “The Jatar Family Bhishis

  1. Married into this family 30yr back my mother in law is grand daughter of jatar (i forget which branch). Legendery people in the family.Indutai bhajekar was the best person binding all thes generations together now her daughter (neelu raddi) doing the same. Love you guys

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  2. Thank you for your comment Anagha. Your mother-in-law Saral Atya, is the daughter of Kumudtai, who was a Jatar, married to a Borgaonkar. She was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, who died early.

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  3. You are so right Anagha , and thanks ! It is a great tribute to my aji Indirabai Bhajekar that the bhishi she started is still going strong in future generations.

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  4. In this lockdown down period due to the covid-19 reading various blogs on Jatar family about the legendary hero’s and the educated forward ladies of those days it seems it’s hereditary as now being associated with sarlamami Neelutai Latatai Vidyatai Mohinitai Anjutai ( all Maushi) though you are senior Jatar’s but in spirit we all are in one boat is what I get the feeling in the bhishi
    Your nature lightness in behaviour laughter goodwill all which appears hereditary is being passed over /carried forward from your seniors to us 😃
    Thanks to Great Indutai who started this Pune bhishi with pure intention of keeping the family involved and connected
    Thanks Nita for starting this Jatar blog and your efforts of following up with the present family members to come forward and express

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