Neelakshi Jatar – Reflections and a Eulogy

Brig. Raghunath Jatar, the husband of the late Neelakshi Jatar (nee Bal), has brought out a booklet filled with poignant memories of his late wife Neelakshi, who passed away from cancer over a year ago. Family and friends have contributed with their own thoughts and memories.


Neelakshi Jatar’s life is encapsulated here in this book. She was a teacher, writer and painter. And of course, a wife, mother and grandmother.

The photograph below is an old one, showing Raghunath and Neelakshi Jatar with their two sons, Ranjeet (extreme right) and Ranveer (extreme left), their two wives Sucharita and Medha, and the grandchildren, Neha and Siddharth.

We lost Neelakshi Jatar all too soon. But all of us with whom she came into contact with will never forget her.

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