Academic Paper by S.B Jatar

This is a paper written by Dr Sadashiv Bhikaji Jatar, our great-grand-uncle, who was living in Manchester at the time. It was first published in 1908 and Dr Sadashiv Jatar must have been around 36 years old at the time.

The paper is a reference to the Municipal School of Technology in Manchester (UK). The name of the article is “Volumetric estimation of iron and chromium by means of titanous chloride” and probably is difficult for us to understand, but I wanted to publish it here to keep it on record. It was published in the Journal of Chemical Technology  & Biotechnology.

Dr Sadashiv Jatar was the unmarried half-brother of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. He was born in Wai, Maharashtra in 1872 and died in 1924 at the age of 52. He practised as a doctor in Manchester for many years, retired there, and also made his will there.

I got this information by contacting the editors of the journal, confirming the authorship

Here is the link to the pdf article by him:-  PDF paper by S.B. Jatar

By Nita Jatar Kulkarni

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