Kaushal Inamdar – the renowned music composer

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 7.35.44 AMMusic composer Kaushal Inamdar is not just a music composer, but also a poet, author and singer.  He has achieved fame and renown in his field – in Marathi as well as Hindi movies. He composes music for films, television, dramas, events, concerts, ballets, advertisements, and also albums. Kaushal has won dozens of awards and you can find a list of them here, on his website.

This is a list of his major “Works” as listed in Wikipedia:

1) Music for the Official CD ROM – Miss World 1996 in Bangalore, India
2) Composed a song for ‘Celebrating India’ which was performed by greats like Pt. Satish Vyas (santoor), Pt. Bhavani Shankar (pakhawaj), Kala Ramnath (violin), Purbayan Chatterjee (sitar), Pt. Rupak Kulkarni (flute), Sanjeev Chimmalgi (vocals) at the Gateway of India, 2003
3) Composed the invocation song for the opening ceremony of the Mumbai Festival, which was sung by 63 school-children in January 2005
4) Recreated ‘Bilhan’, a musical by Mangesh Padgaonkar & P. L. Deshpande after a gap of 50 years
‘5) Gaganzula’, a programme based on new Marathi music and choreography
6) ‘Rain Raga’ – a fusion concert on the rains with Louiz Banks, George Brooks, Rupak Kulkarni, Sanjeev Chimmalgi, Hamsika Iyer, Gino Banks, Sheldon D’Silva, Vinayak Netke, Ravindra Chary, and Rafique Ahmed. Produced by Pancham Nishad Creatives.
7) The Marathi Abhimaangeet is perhaps Kaushal’s most famous work till date. Kaushal was inspired to work on this song after he was told that playing Marathi music on FM radio in Mumbai is considered downmarket. This song is sung by 112 eminent and well-known singers and 300+ chorus singers.

This is his filmography, also from the Wikipedia.

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 8.16.18 AM

Here is the wiki link to his discography.

Kaushal is the son of Shrikrishna (Bal) Inamdar and Lalkari Biniwale. His father, ShriKrishna (Bal) Inamdar, is the son of Sarojini Jatar (Banutai), the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Kaushal’s grand-mother, Banutai, was a Jatar. But Kaushal has the Jatar bloodline from the Inamdar side as well. Shriram Jatar’s daughter, Godutai, married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb). Godutai’s son Narsinha married Sarojini Jatar, Kaushal’s grandmother.

This is Godutai’s family tree, prepared by Vinita Chitale.

Kaushal is the brother of Vishal Inamdar, a talented writer and director. Kaushal is married to Suchitra, a psychotherapist with her own practice, and they have a son, Anuraag.

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