The Borgaonkar ancestral home

The Borgaonkar family is the family which Smt. Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar, married into. She married Shankarao Borgaonkar and was the only child of Balasaheb Jatar, the second son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. Shankarao was from Hyderabad. He and Kumudini had four daughters – Pramila, Saral, Achala and Leela and one son Bal Borgaonkar.

These photographs and information given below was provided by Pramila Desai’s son, Ranjan Desai, the grandson of Kumudini, and great-grandson of Balasaheb Jatar.

The photos below are of the Borgaonkar home in Hyderabad.



In the photo above you can see Ranjan’s parents and sisters Revathi and Roopa with his aunt Leela (Maushi) sitting on the stairs.

The house had four entrances in four directions similar to this one.


The photo above is of the Borgaonkar family. The photo below is in front of the garage: Ranjan with his sisters.


These are the memories Uday Dudhbhate  has of the house:

The house though ancestral was not owned by my grandfather, his great friend Sridhar Naik just asked him to stay there on rent (It was a huge plot with more than 25 mango trees, huge Awala tree, Badam trees, Sitaphal and Ramphal and Guava trees. Three huge watering tanks (haud) on three sides—one was used for swimming. I remember Achala (Baby) getting married with huge Pandal on the ground. House was equally huge with big Varanda running around the house. Bathroom was also very huge. For us grandchildren most interesting room was the one where mangoes used to be stored. Every morning in summer four of us –Revathi, Surekha, Rupa & myself were allowed into the room to eat mangoes (I was made to remove my shirt 😀😀as I was very messy. Those were magical days.

Achala mavashi. The house was in Nampally area. It was later taken over by son of Sridhar Naik after the death of my grandfather & converted into apartment blocks, but frontage was maintained If I am not wrong. After marriage I took Kumud to show that house but surprisingly I don’t recollect how that house looked.

Ranjan says:

I was too small to remember but I remember many Diwali early morning rituals in later years growing up and the morning sweets and French toast bread for breakfast from my grand father Baba.
My grand father lived in that house until he passed away. I remember the house very clearly as I used to visit my grand parents often with my mother as we lived in Hyderabad.
After my grand father passed away – Dudai ( Ramabai Jatar ) went to live with her brother until she passed away in Nagpur.

You can read about more about the Borgaonkars here: Bal Borgaonkar’s journey to America, about his sister Achala Rao and father Shankarao Borgaonkar and his grandmother Ramabai and about Borgao.

Compiled by Nita

One thought on “The Borgaonkar ancestral home

  1. Excellent presentation by Nita of Borgaonkar’s ancestral house with photographs & description. We – me,my siblings & cousins were lucky to be born in this house. Balmama still remembers driving his elder sisters Pramila & Sarala to Osmania Hospital or to Bapukaka Borgaonkar’s (my grandfather’s cousin) hospital in Kachiguda for deliveries.

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