A book for children by Mohini Kirtane

Mohini Kirtane nee Joshi, is the daughter of Nalini Joshi nee Jatar (known in the family as Nanutai). Nanutai was the daughter of Vasudev Jatar (Appasaheb) and Radha (his first wife). Appasaheb was the second eldest son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao). Bapurao was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Mohini is the granddaughter of Appasaheb, the great-granddaughter of Bapurao and the great-great granddaughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

Mohini has written a lovely book for children: about the adventures of Armaan, the Brave Warrior. It was published by Vishwakarma Publications, a reputed traditional publishing company. It was released last month.

Mohini is married to Anil Kirtane and is the mother of two sons – Sachin and Nitten. Perhaps that is why she has captured the feelings and thoughts of a young boy so well. She has a sister, Vidya Chand and a brother, Vijay, a war hero (deceased).

The Book deals with exploits of Armaan, a young boy just entering his teens. The title “Kitchi Haina” means The Brave Warrior referring to Armaan’s realms of fantasy of having a Red Indian Name rather than a boring name like Armaan. Each chapter is different, dealing with different events in Armaan’s life and how he copes with the process of growing up. It is available in paperback here.



Here it is in her own words:

I find it easier to write than speak.
I’d only like to say that it is a reflective journey which goes back to the times when my boys were growing up. For them attending school and doing homework was a ritual something that they had to do. But at the same time the game of tennis is what they worshipped and they lived to play.
Seeing them rise and fall in pursuit of excellence in the game was nothing short of an emotional seesaw for me. Probably it was during that phase that I wanted to compliment these experiences into a book highlighting the fact that the journey of a sportsman from a nobody to a championship a difficult road that few people would be interested in knowing.
The people see the trophies but rarely see the hard work and tears that have gone to achieve these trophies. Having witnessed the greats of disappointment frustration behind those face towels and the joy when I see history repeating itself in the form of my grandchildren Arjun and Aaryan I certainly wanted to share these experiences with readers.
That you can say was the trigger to my writing. My book today does have a, story in tennis and therein the similarity ends. aAll in all the stories are a world of fiction based on exploits and adventures of children in general. All through my teaching career my interaction with parents and children gave me an insight and it is these experiences that I have described.
So I hope when u read the book you too will relive delightful memories of your childhood your children growing up. Sadly reading is dying but I would like to say in
conclusion that children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

So to quote Strickland Gillian
You may have tangible wealth untold
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold
Richer than I you can never be
For I had a mother who read to me!

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