Madhav Jatar – the Actor

Diwakar Vasudev Jatar, known as Madhav in the Jatar family, was a talented theatre actor. His daughter Mrudula has provided photos from the various Marathi plays that he acted in. See them here in a slideshow:

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Madhav was the fifth child of Appasaheb (Vasudev) and Radhavahini (and the grandson of Bapurao and the great-grandson of Shriram Jatar.)

5 thoughts on “Madhav Jatar – the Actor

  1. Though I was aware of Madhav mama being an actor, I didn’t get opportunity to see any of his plays /नाटक.
    Thanks for these rare photos. Very interesting to see some of the characters he played.


      1. Mr SadaShiv Jatar was cremated at sandwell valley crematorium newton road west bromwich b71 3sx, Birmingham, UK. I saw his name inside the hall on the left side wall.

        SadaShiv B. Jatar, born Poona, India. Died aapril 1st 1924.

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