The Hawa Mahal Murders – a contest winner!

N.J. Kulkarni’s The Hawa Mahal Murders is a contest winner and was launched at the Pune International Literary Festival on the 20th of September 2019 by Javed Akhtar.


It’s a book with nail-biting suspense and here is a review from an unknown person:

This book is everything you would want in a detective murder mystery: suspense and well-rounded characters who you are invested in from the first page itself. Mumbai serves as a perfect backdrop to the story. Finished it in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. A terrific, entertaining read.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 8.49.31 PM copy

The book did brisk business at PILF19, where it was launched. Here is the Amazon link to buy, and here is the Flipcart link. Right now, only the hard copy is available and only practical for those living in India to buy it. But the soft copy (ebook) will be available soon.


It has a good sales rank on Amazon as well, in the Crime/Thriller category, despite no preorders or advance reviews.


The story in the Hawa Mahal Murders can satisfy your appetite for suspense, mystery, Bollywood, blackmail, love…and seduction. It’s entertainment. A fun read, a thrilling whodunnit but without any gore or horror. It’s not a standard thriller or a detective novel. It’s not about some kind of puzzle that needs to be solved. You can call it a kind of psychological thriller.

But that’s not the only reason why the Hawa Mahal Murders is worth a buy.  Sure, there is adventure, mystery, and it keeps you turning the pages, but the Hawa Mahal Murders is actually about the important things in our lives, it’s about our values. It’s about friendship and to what extent we can go to, to help our best friends and how much we can sacrifice for those whom we love. It’s about being betrayed in love and then it’s about second chances.

It’s also about risking everything, one’s career, one’s life because of wanting to do the right thing. We all have it in us, this spot of heroism. It just requires the right circumstances to bring it out.

Once you start reading the Hawa Mahal Murders, you will find yourself getting sucked into their world, Smita’s world, Jai’s world, and you will find yourself rooting for them. You want them to succeed because they are fighting not just to survive, they are fighting for all that matters in this life. Integrity. Loyalty. Love.

You will be able to relate to these characters, maybe even love them, and I hope that they can also inspire you in some way.

Contributed by the author, N.J. Kulkarni. She is the daughter of Sudhir and Sarala Jatar and the grand-daughter of Bhausaheb, the son of Shriram Jatar. Nita also runs this family website.

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