Samirran Jatar’s heroic win against a Russel’s Viper

Samirran was sitting on a rock at his friend’s farmhouse, talking on the phone when a Russell’s Viper bit him. The viper came from behind and put the fangs in deep into the right hand.

This snake is also one of the genera responsible for causing the most snakebite incidents and deaths among all venomous snakes on account of many factors, such as their wide distribution, generally aggressive demeanor, and frequent occurrence in highly populated areas

samirran(Samirran is the son of Dinkar (Kumar) Jatar. Kumar was the grand-son of Kashinath Shriram Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar,  (link to the family tree of Shriram.) Samirran has a brother, Udaiyan .)

Samirran then held the snake’s head with his left hand and tore the snake’s fangs out. While doing so, the fangs grazed his left thumb – and poison entered there too. This snake is usually 3-4 feet in length and has a stout body, so not easy to hold it.

He then held on to the snake because he says he knew that hospitals prefer to know which snake has bitten the patient.

What presence of mind and bravery!

His friend then drove him to the nearest hospital – with Samirran HOLDING ON TO THE LIVING SNAKE.

That hospital said they didn’t have anti-venom. Imagine what it must have been like to walk into a hospital reception with a living snake!


They drove to the next hospital with Samirran holding on to the snake..

No anti-venom there too.

But the hospital at least taped up the mouth of the snake, put the snake into a bag, tied a tourniquet to Samirran’s hands near the elbow to stop the poison to flow up …and then Samirran and friend and the snake went off to Jupiter hospital (Pune) where he (and the snake) both went to Emergency.

This is the video of the snake that bit Samirran. Shared by Dr Milind Bhagwat. He was given this video by the treating doc of Jupiter who is Milind’s colleague and a good friend.

Out of danger now though there was tissue damage and surgery because the snake refused to let go and Samirran had to tear the fangs out of his hand after which the angry snake bit his other hand.

Early medical treatment and Samirran’s presence of mind saved him.  Most people wouldn’t have been able to handle the shock of a viper snake hanging on to the hand …

The above has been contributed by Ranjit Jatar.


More information on Russell’s Viper from the Wikipedia:

The snake is an aggressive one and mostly found in open, grassy or bushy areas, not dense forests although it does not prefer humid regions. This species is often found in urban areas and settlements in the countryside, so it can catch its prey – rodents. In cool climes, the viper becomes more active during the day, although it is primarily a nocturnal snake.

When threatened, it goes into a series of S-loops, raises the first third of the body, and produces a hiss, apparently a very loud hiss, louder than that of any other snake. “When striking from this position, they can exert so much force that even a large snake can lift most of its body off the ground in the process.”  These are very strong snakes and react badly and violently to being picked up. This snake is known for its bad temper and some people call it the mad snake.

Symptoms after a bit begin with pain at the site of the bite, followed by swelling. The blood pressure of the victim drops and the heart rate falls.

Severe pain may last for 2–4 weeks. Locally, it may persist depending on the level of tissue damage.

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