K. S. Sudarshan’s letter to my father

When KS Sudarshan (Kuppahalli Sitaramayya Sudarshan (1931-2012), took over the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), he reached out to people and invited discourse. He wanted to interact with the public, he said, and explain the RSS idealogy. That was why my father, Sudhir Jatar, wrote to him with several questions. This was 20 years ago.

The questions were short but the answers were long and detailed. And no, my father had never met KS Sudarshan before. He was a complete stranger to him.

My father wrote to him in the year 2000, before he started using email, and it was a handwritten letter. KS Sudarshan’s reply was a 5-page missive, and he dated it as “17.11.2000 A.D.” – rather quirkily. Today, A.D has been replaced by CE (Common Era).

Here is the historic letter, the pdf file of which is here.


What impressed me was how this gentleman wrote a letter in such clear, legible writing and also in such neat, straight lines. And then he wrote page after page with hardly any need to cross out and re-write. Being a writer myself, I know hard this is. One’s thoughts need be remarkably organised. These days we use email or Word, and this makes it easy to re-write. We re-write so often, we don’t realise the number of mistakes we have made or how often we have re-written.

How meticulous KS Sudarshan must have been, his thoughts so neatly arranged that they flowed out smoothly on paper without error.

Regarding the content, he has made some good points, although can’t say I agree with everything. Would love to know your views on his views.

2 thoughts on “K. S. Sudarshan’s letter to my father

  1. Thanks for sharing this very interesting letter. Though I too donot agree with his letter in its entirety, many of his observations are correct.
    Can this letter (which is actually a personal letter addressed to Sudhir mama) be shared with my school and college friends? Of course then there is every possibility of it getting wide publicity.
    Thanks again.


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