The Jatar Club at Durg

In the Jatar family, Bapurao stands tall, taller than everyone else. He was the backbone of the Jatar family, looking after and mentoring all family members. He was also a social reformer and educationist. He was the son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

Kashinath Shriram Jatar (Bapurao)

This post is about a Club that he started in Durg (presently in Chhattisgarh State) called the “Jatar Club” which has been mentioned in this post as well, written by Chandu Jatar. The Club was inaugurated in January 1926.

These are some photos of the club, sent by Jairaj Jatar, Chandukaka’s son:

This club was started by Bapurao at a time when Indians were not allowed by the Britishers to use their clubs. Till today this club serves the community and boasts of a good pool.

This next photograph is of the foundation stone and this photo was provided by a gentleman named Parivesh Mishra who has written an article on the Jatar Club. He took a few points from our articles (on this website) on Bapurao and then he reached out to me with the link to his article and also provided the following photograph.

Excerpts from Parivesh Mishra’s write-up (the articles in Hindi has been appended at the end of this post)

If you are proud, your spine is strong, you don’t compromise with the principles, you will be remembered in history for some reason…both started a club in a small house…laid the foundation stone…the date was 4 January 1926. And since then the Jatar Club has been establishes as the district officers club. Khairagarh’s king donated a billiards table…swimming pool was made…the head of the club is the district collector…

There was not much information on Khan Bahadur HM Wilayatullah although there is information on his son, HM Hidayatullah, who was the sixth Vice President of India (1979-1984) and 11th Chief Justice (1968-70). Regarding HM Wilayatullah (who inaugurated the Jatar club along-with Bapurao) his son’s wiki page mentions that he was a renowned Urdu poet a gold medallist of the Aligarh Muslim University.

According to the wiki:

He served till 1928 in ICS and from 1929 to 1933 as member of Central Legislative Assembly. 

He must have been a colleague of Bapurao’s.

(By Nita J Kulkarni)

Here are the images of the articles written in Hindi by Parivesh Mishra who has written these for local publications:

3 thoughts on “The Jatar Club at Durg

  1. Social Clubs in those days played a very important role! Segregation, discrimination in human societies exists even now as we all know and have experienced (unfortunately). What made Jairaj visit this town?


    1. Yes, true what you said. Not sure why Jairaj went there, but I think it must have been work-related. He sent these photos a while back, maybe over a year ago, but I made the post now, after I got the foundation stone photo.


  2. This is a message from Parivesh Mishra who wrote that story on the Jatar Club in Durg. He is referring to the article he wrote on the Jatar Club.

    Hi Nita ji,
    The article on the club was very well received. Almost anyone who has anything to do with Durg is familiar with the existence of the Club. Yet, the word Jatar always remained an enigma. The town had surprisingly just forgotten him. My story was instantly picked up by the regional newspapers too. Now I’m informed, the distt Collector has ordered for the story to be framed and put up in the club for posterity. Likewise, as one of the comment from Akola read : the name over a period of time has got corrupted to Jathar. My story was shared by people in Akola which I came to know later.
    Thanks and Best wishes


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