About this blog

  1. This blog will encompass the complete history and also the current status of the Jatar family, starting with the ancient origins of the family. It is nor the surname that is important because this is about the descendants of Shriram Jatar and Janaki Deo all of whom have the Jatar bloodline.
  2. The categories on this blog will include not only our forefathers, but also people who are living today. All posts will be tagged by the name as well as the topic they belong into.

  3. Categories to be included are places, professions, humour, anecdotes, family names etc. Tags are generally of specific people. Ideally this blog should be updated every single day (as we are such a large family), with some family member or the other adding their write-ups. These can be on anything…ranging from what their kids are studying, their photographs, their jobs…where they live etc. Descriptions of people also will be a great help.

  4. Family photographs can be uploaded. You can send them to me and I will upload your posts and images.

  5. Anyone who wants a password protected post needs to tell me.

  6. Anyone with any anecdotes or current events within the family, please compile them.

  7. If anyone of you has a non-commercial website or blog, that link can be added here on this blog. However as this is a free wordpress blog, commercial links are not allowed by wordpress and nor are any type of advertisements or endorsements.

  8. Last, but not the least, this blog is not a place to let out our family skeletons. 🙂 I know that most won’t of course but its better to be careful about what we write. We want each and every member of the family to feel comfortable here and therefore if any unpleasant incident is to be related either do it in an objective way or avoid writing about it altogether. This also applies to comments. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings please.

  9. Some posts are password protected due to the request of the author. If you write a comment in the comment form below the password will be sent to you. Thanks.

Nita Jatar Kulkarni (owner and manager of this blog)

11 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. My mother Indira nee Yamutai Inamdar was the grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar. Her mother was married to Laxman Inamdar. Can you tell me her name. My mother’s parents died around 1914 in an epidemic and so my mother knew very little about her. Can anyone enlighten me with any details?

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  2. I think I vaguely knew Suniti when she was playing badminton at the Junior State Championship in Mysore State. Is this the same person?

    Wonderful article about the family


  3. Vasant, I am sorry to reply to you so late. But there is one Vasant Inamdar in our family tree and he is the grandson of Shriram Jatar. Are you related to him? Very often names are passed on and that is why I think you could be. :et me know. Vasant Inamdar’s brother is Nanasaheb or Sadashiv Jatar and his father is Babasaheb Inamdar who married Shriram’s daughter Godutai. I am going to be putting up a tree soon, but have not had the time.

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  4. Hello, my grandpa was telling me about his stories when back in the day he did a project with a Major Gen. in ONGC. After a lot of research I found out that all the stories were about your father and it would be great if I could get his contact number.

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    1. Hi Gupta. We would love to hear these stories. Can you please send them to my email id: blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com. My father is 87 years old and yes he does reply to emails but its best you send me the message to convey to him


  5. She was my teacher at St. Joseph’s Allahabad. Pankaj Chandra,ex-Director IIM Bangalore and I often reminisced about her.Felt very sad to know about her passing away from carcinoma.Her posture used to be ramrod straight.My sincere condolences and respects to her Family.
    Once she taken us on an memorable post-examination class visit to Air Force Station , Bamrauli followed by a repast at her Brother’ residence. She will be making everyone happy, and disciplined,where ever she is.
    I never knew she came from such an illustrious family . It sure reflected everywhere in her personality and aura.What are her sons doing now?
    Prof.Dr.Madhukar Katiyar,M.D.(Psychiatry)



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