Mahabaleshwar Bhishi 2019

Our family has a regular bhishi, more or less monthly. The objective of this ladies “meet” is to keep up family relationships! And we all enjoy themselves in the process. Our trip to Mahabaleshwar is always a joy. Lata Chinchankar (nee Talwalkar) has a bungalow there and while we enjoy the sumptuous lunch and snacks that she serves, we also shop – not just for strawberries but all things else!

In this particular bhishi, we did a “kelvan” for Madhavi Date (nee Jatar) as well.

The slideshow below will show how much we enjoy ourselves!

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Those who attended this year’s bhishi in Mahabaleshwar were Neelima Raddi nee Bhajekar, Lata Chinchankar nee Talwalkar, Anjani Mangalmurti nee Jatar, Mohini Kirtane (nee Joshi), Nita Jatar Kulkarni, Madhavi Date nee Jatar, Vaishali Inamdar nee Jatar, Neelima Bhupatkar, Dr Anagha Dudhbhate, Maneesha Jatar nee Marathe, Medha Jatar nee Khare and Salila Bhadkamkar.

The Jatar Family Bhishis

Bhishi is a gathering of people who generally meet monthly and each contributes a small amount towards a fund which goes to the person hosting it. It is a type of kitty party…in other words, it is an excuse to keep in touch on a regular basis.

The women of the Jatar Family (and their descendants) have done a great job in maintaining the bhishi for the last 20 years, and more. It’s amazing that the bhishi includes not just first, second and third cousins (spouses too) but also cousins twice removed. Also aunts and nieces, several times removed. The bhishi has everyone with Jatar blood, or someone Continue reading “The Jatar Family Bhishis”