The Shriram Wada

The Shriram Wada, a sprawling structure in the heart of Pune city, was bought by Shriram Bhikaji Jatar (SBJ) around 1890 on his retirement. It was bought from his own earnings. He did not receive any property from his father (Bhikaji). Shriram Jatar left this property to his sons and in the year 1927 approximately, Bapurao bought it from his brothers (a value of ₹20,000/- was placed on the Wada) after selling a property in Nagpur (documentation available with me.) After Bapurao’s death (1951), the Shriram Wada was sold.

It is a huge Wada with 3 floors and numerous rooms. It has entrances on two sides, as it straddles two lanes in Narayan Peth. There is a water well at the back. There used to be a cowshed with 3 or 4 buffaloes. The main entrance used to be from the north, but now it has been changed to the south. It used to be number 340, Narayan Peth, but now the number has changed to 387/388.

Lokmanya Tilak was a tenant here and the Wada has become known for this now.

Here are the photographs of the Wada. The front entrance has a board of the Continue reading “The Shriram Wada”

The Borgaonkar ancestral home

The Borgaonkar family is the family which Smt. Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar, married into. She married Shankarao Borgaonkar and was the only child of Balasaheb Jatar, the second son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. Shankarao was from Hyderabad. He and Kumudini had four daughters – Pramila, Saral, Achala and Leela and one son Bal Borgaonkar.

These photographs and information given below was provided by Pramila Desai’s son, Ranjan Desai, the grandson of Kumudini, and great-grandson of Balasaheb Jatar.

The photos below are of the Borgaonkar home in Hyderabad. Continue reading “The Borgaonkar ancestral home”

Bhausaheb’s Nagpur House

This beautiful sprawling bungalow, still standing, was the home of Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar, CIE, DSO (and bar), IMS (popularly known as Bhausaheb) and is now occupied by a Judge of the High Court. This house, now called “Hiranyagarbh” was commensurate with Bhausaheb’s position at the Nagpur Jail. It was called “The Nest” at that time.

Nagpur House 16 Civil Lines Front View-2 230313
Nagpur House 16 Civil Lines Front View-2 230313

Bhausaheb stayed in this house from 1933 to 1946.

His second wife, Vimalabai Jatar (popularly known as Jiji and the mother of Bhausaheb’s six children, from 1933 to 1938, until she took ill with TB and started to live in a nursing home in Nagpur.

Air Vice Marshal Jatar (nick-name Bhayya), Dr. Sheila Bhagwat née Jatar,  Dr. Usha Thakar née Jatar, lived in this house from 1933 to 1938, and Brig. Arvind Jatar (nick-name Baba) from 1933 to 1936 after which he joined SSPMS (military school at that time.

An elder sister, Leela Talwalkar lived here from 1933 until her marriage in 1937/38 to Dr. Arvind Talwalkar, the well-known orthopedic surgeon from Mumbai.

Bhausaheb’s eldest daughter Indira (Indirabai Bhajekar nee Jatar) also lived here and matriculated from St.Ursula’s, Nagpur.  She was an educated lady, who got her degree from Fergusson College, even after her marriage.

Sadashiv (Balu) Jatar and Sudhir Chintamani Jatar (Maj Gen. SCN Jatar) lived here from 1933 to 1938.

Nagpur House 16 Civil Lines West View-230313
Nagpur House 16 Civil Lines East View-2 230313

Pictures and post by Maj Gen SCN Jatar, the youngest son and child of Bhausaheb.

Deo Wada – the house of Janki Deo Jatar or Aaisaheb

This is the house that Aaisaheb grew up in. She belonged to the Deo family and this wada belonged to the Deos, who by the way are not Deshashta Brahmins as the name suggests, but Karhades, like the Jatars.

Aaisaheb is the last known female ancestor of the Jatars and thus can be considered the mother of all Jatars! The matriarch of the Jatar brood.

This wada has long been torn down. She did not belong to a rich family, but definitely a cultured one.

These photographs were sent to me by the wife of a cousin of mine from the Deo family, a cousin three or four times removed. His great-grandfather was my grandfather’s first cousin – Nita.

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