The last known Jatar ancestor (Family Tree)

This is the family tree, a very ancient one. before Shriram Jatar, and up till our last known ancestor – Krishnarao Jatar who is the last known ancestor of the Jatar family and probably lived (or was born) around 1700 in Kanhe, Maharashtra. As was the practice in those days only the male members of the family are represented here.

This is an image of the family tree drawn by hand by Bapurao in 1935. This is a photograph of the original document provided to me by Brig. R.V. Jatar. This tree is not the complete one (I will be posting the full tree by and by) but it gives a good picture of the ancestors of the Jatar family to about three generations above Bapurao. Please click on the document to see it better.

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