Shrikrishna Inamdar’s success story

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The following write-up has been contributed by Shrikrishna Inamdar, the son of Sarojini Jatar (Banutai), who was the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar.  He is also the son of Narhar Inamdar, who was the son of Shriram Jatar’s daughter, Godutai. Godutai married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb), and Narhar married Banutai. Babasaheb was Banutai’s father-in-law. 

I am Shrikrishna Narhar Inamdar (Bal), son of Sarojini Inamdar – nee Jatar, who was the daughter of respected Bapurao Jatar, and the wife of Narhar Laxman Inamdar (A.K.A. Annasaheb).

In 1954, my parents moved to Pune from Amravati. In 1961 (12th.July 1961), the year in which I passed my matriculation, a disaster struck Pune. There were unprecedented floods and we were living very very close to the River Mutha. Our rented house was completely washed out. My elder brother, Yeshwant Inamdar was in the Indian navy and had a transferable job and my elder sister Sulabha tai was already married to Ramesh Gudi in Mumbai.

My father expressed his inability to continue my education mainly on account of Continue reading “Shrikrishna Inamdar’s success story”

Vineeta Chitale nee Nirmala Inamdar

vinita chitaleThe above photograph of Vineeta Chitale (1936-2017) was taken on her 80th birthday.  Vineeta Chitale was known as Neelatai in family circles. Before marriage, Vineeta Chitale’s name was Nirmala Inamdar. She was the daughter of Purushottam (Pandit) Inamdar and Kusum Bhat. You can check out the Inamdar Family Tree, prepared by her.

Pandit Inamdar, her father, was the son of Godavari (Godutai) Inamdar nee Jatar. Godutai was popularly known as Mai in the family. She was the wife of Laxmanrao Inamdar and the daughter of Shriram Jatar. Godutai, Vineeta Chitale’s grandmother, was the sister of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), Aavadabai Bhupatkar, Ranganath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb, Ambutai Bhatawadekar (she died early without children) and Vishnu (Abasaheb). You can check out the Jatar Family Tree.

Vineeta married Shyam Chitale and has two sons, Aditya and Devdutta Chitale. Aditya is Continue reading “Vineeta Chitale nee Nirmala Inamdar”

Four Jatar ladies of yesteryear

During the old days, taking a photograph was an event. People got dressed up and went to the studio. I can imagine how excited these lovely ladies must have been when they decked up in their finery and trooped to the studio.

This photo was probably clicked before 1927, because 1927 was the year when Indira Jatar got married.

From Left to Right: Kumud Jatar [seated], Chandrabhaga (Chani) Jatar, Sarojini (Banutai) [seated] and Indira Jatar.

4 ladies framed

Chani (Chandrabhaga) and Sarojini were sisters, daughters of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Sarojini married Narsimha Laxman Inamdar. Chani died early, at the age of 18, of a heatstroke.

The ladies on either side of them are Kumud Jatar and Indira Jatar. Kumud was the daughter of Ranganath Jatar (Balasaheb), the son of Shriram Jatar. Kumud’s father, Balasaheb, passed away very early, when Kumud was a child. Later, Kumud married Shankarao Borgaonkar of Hyderabad. Indira Jatar was the daughter of Bhausaheb, and married Shri Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhajekar. Thus, Kumud and Indira were the first cousins of Chandrabhaga and Sarojini.

I cannot help but wonder what these sisters and cousins talked about. They led stable and secure lives and had loving families so their hopes and dreams came true. Except for Chani, tragically.

Nitya Gudi and Aditya Bhat wedding

nitya aditya
photo by Ravi Jatar at the reception

Nitya, the daughter of Prasad and Nandini Gudi and the grand-daughter of Sulabha Gudi (nee Inamdar) married Aditya in a lavish ceremony at Belgaon’s Fairfield Marriott. Nitya has a brother, Amogh, who lives in the US.

A Sangeet programme took place on the 25th of June 2019. The wedding was on the next day, the 26th of June, 2019. The reception was on the 29th of June at the Sheraton in Pune.

nitya gudi aditya bhat

(Photo and information by NJ Kulkarni at Belgaum)

Sulabha Gudi (the grandmother of Nitya, and the mother of Prasad Gudi) is the daughter Continue reading “Nitya Gudi and Aditya Bhat wedding”

My Father – the Admiral

The article below has been written by Rajiv Inamdar, the son of Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar and Leela Raman. Rajiv is the grandson of Sarojini (Banutai), who was the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Banutai married NL Inamdar (Annasaheb).

My father was a man of many parts.Yashwant Inamdar

He graduated from the Royal Naval College Dartmouth and The Royal Naval Engineering College, Plymouth in the UK after 6 years of training where he specialised in Marine Engineering. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, London, of the Institute of Marine Engineers, London and of the Institute of Engineers, India. He was also a graduate of the National Defence College. He also had a post-graduate diploma in taxation management from Jamnalal Bajaj Mumbai.

During his 32 year career in the Navy, he held many positions including that of Training Commander, in INS Shivaji, the Navy’s Engineering training establishment, where a building has been named after him and his handwritten technical notes on engineering subjects have been preserved for posterity in a glass exhibit. He was also the Director of Marine Engineering and head of the Navy’s Marine Engineering branch, the Asst Chief of Material at Naval Headquarters, Delhi and the Admiral Superintendent of the Naval Dockyard in Vizag where he managed 10,000 people.

A plaque below in the Centre of Marine Engineering Excellence in INS Shivaji, Lonavla that describes the exhibit in the building named after Rear Admiral Y N Inamdar. Continue reading “My Father – the Admiral”

Kaushal Inamdar – the renowned music composer

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 7.35.44 AMMusic composer Kaushal Inamdar is not just a music composer, but also a poet, author and singer.  He has achieved fame and renown in his field – in Marathi as well as Hindi movies. He composes music for films, television, dramas, events, concerts, ballets, advertisements, and also albums. Kaushal has won dozens of awards Continue reading “Kaushal Inamdar – the renowned music composer”

Vishal Inamdar – a powerhouse of talent

Vishal Inamdar, the brother of music composer Kaushal Inamdar, and the son of Shrikrishna (Bal) Inamdar and Lalkari Biniwale, is a talented writer and director. Indeed, he is talent personified! His father, ShriKrishna (Bal) Inamdar, is the son of Sarojini Jatar (Banutai), the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Vishal has the Jatar bloodline from the Inamdar side as well. Shriram Jatar’s daughter, Godutai, married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb). This is Godutai’s family tree, prepared by Vinita Chitale. Godutai’s son Narhar married Sarojini Jatar, Vishal’s grandmother. Continue reading “Vishal Inamdar – a powerhouse of talent”

The Jatar Family Bhishis

Bhishi is a gathering of people who generally meet monthly and each contributes a small amount towards a fund which goes to the person hosting it. It is a type of kitty party…in other words, it is an excuse to keep in touch on a regular basis.

The women of the Jatar Family (and their descendants) have done a great job in maintaining the bhishi for the last 20 years, and more. It’s amazing that the bhishi includes not just first, second and third cousins (spouses too) but also cousins twice removed. Also aunts and nieces, several times removed. The bhishi has everyone with Jatar blood, or someone Continue reading “The Jatar Family Bhishis”

Four generations of Inamdars

Four generations of Inamdars!

From right to left Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar (86), Rajiv (60), Siddharth (34) Yara (2) in New Delhi.

(photo submitted by Rajiv Inamdar)


Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar is the son of Sarojini (Banutai), the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. He has two siblings, Sulabha Gudi (Belgaon based) and Shrikrishna (Bal) Inamdar (Bombay based).

Siddharth lives in Rochester NY and is married to Carole. Their daughter is Yara.

You can check out the Inamdar Family Tree and also a photograph of the Inamdar siblings two generations above Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar – that of his grandfather Annasaheb who was one of the Inamdar siblings.

Inamdar Family Tree

Godavari (Godutai) Inamdar née Jatar, the daughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar and Janaki Deo (more information on her background here) married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb). She and her husband died early, in their youth. The children became orphans at an early age.

This is Godutai’s family tree, prepared by Vinita Chitale. Please click the link below for the pdf file:


Here is a snapshot of it given below:

Inamdar Family Tree1

You can check out the photograph of all the Inamdar siblings, and also the family profile of Rajiv Inamdar, who is the son of Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar, the great-grandson of Godavari Jatar Inamdar, the daughter of Shriram Jatar).

The Inamdar siblings

This a photograph of six Inamdar siblings, the children of Godutai, the daughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar and Janaki Deo (More information her background here). She married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb). Unfortunately she died early (it is believed to be of pneumonia) and her husband followed soon after. The children were left orphans at very tender ages, one of them was barely two years old. Three of the children were looked after by the eldest son of Shriram Jatar, Bapurao, and were sent to Amravati. The others were looked after by the Inamdars.

One daughter of Godutai’s (Tara) died at a young age and is not in the photograph. Nanasaheb was a widower without issue, and quite close to Bhausaheb. He helped his wife Jiji when she was ill with TB and away in a sanatorium. He was a regular visitor to Neel Sadan, the home of Bhausaheb in Sadashiv Peth in Pune.

Inamdar siblings

Nicknames were common in those days. Annasaheb’s actual name was Narhar Jatar and Nanasaheb was Sadashiv. The other names are given in the photograph above. Annasaheb married, Banutai, the daughter of his mother’s brother (Bapurao). Banutai became an Inamdar and had two sons and one daughter – Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar, Bal Inamdar and daughter Sulabha who married Ramesh Gudi (Belgaon based)

You can check out the Inamdar Family Tree and also the family profile of Rajiv Inamdar, who is the son of Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar, and the grandson of Godutai. Other family profiles are that of Kaushal and Vishal Inamdar.

(Photograph and information provided by Vinita Chitale, the daughter of Purushottam (Pandit) Inamdar, and some information was also provided by Madhavi Date, nee Jatar, Bhausaheb’s grand-daughter)