Nalini Joshi – a woman far ahead of her time!

NanutaiMRS NALINI JOSHI née JATAR was the eldest daughter of Appasaheb Jatar. Appasaheb was the son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest child of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. This family tree will explain it further. 

The following write-up and photograph have been contributed by Mohini Kirtane.

Nalini Joshi née Jatar, the granddaughter of Bapurao, was born on 2nd August 1920 in Pune. Tragically, her mother Radha (Vatsala Mainkar) passed away at an early age, leaving behind an only child, Nalini. In fact, Appasaheb was in London when he heard that she was ill with TB. Appasaheb states in his diary that he flew down from London against Bapurao’s wishes and was just in time to see her breathe her last.

Thereafter Appasaheb married Radha Shevde (known to all as Tai or Radha Vahini).

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A book for children by Mohini Kirtane

Mohini Kirtane nee Joshi, is the daughter of Nalini Joshi nee Jatar (known in the family as Nanutai). Nanutai was the daughter of Vasudev Jatar (Appasaheb) and Radha (his first wife). Appasaheb was the second eldest son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao). Bapurao was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Mohini is the granddaughter of Appasaheb, the great-granddaughter of Bapurao and the great-great granddaughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

Mohini has written a lovely book for children: about the adventures of Armaan, the Brave Warrior. It was published by Vishwakarma Publications, a reputed traditional publishing company. It was released last month.

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Sadashiv (Balu) Jatar – a daughter’s perspective

Written by Madhavi, the daughter of Sadashiv Jatar (popularly known as Balasaheb) and grand-daughter of Bhausaheb.

A father is his daughter’s best friend. So was my father. He was my friend, philosopher and guide.

My father was a gentleman. He was very social and had friends in all walks of life, from all age groups and social strata. He helped everyone selflessly and never expected anything in return.

IMG_6052He had flair for languages. He was an avid reader. He was interested in many subjects. That’s why he was a life member of many institutes like MCA, Bharat Itihaas Sousahadhan Mandal to name a few.

He was interested in politics, and very much against corruption. He helped others to expose it. As he was a government servant he could not do it openly.

He was a philosopher and thinker. He used to do meditation daily. He was a man of vision.

He always wanted to join the army but unfortunately could not do so. He was selected for the first Republic Day NCC parade.

He was good in sports too and was a great cricketer. He played as a wicket-keeper. He liked Sachin Tendulkar very much. He used to say that Sachin is going to be the greatest cricketer of all times and that has come true. Sachin was just 13 when my father expired.

My father was full of life. He liked music, dramas and good movies.

He died early, and maybe be God needed a person of his calibre, so he took him at a young age.

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Rajiv Inamdar and family

I (Rajiv Inamdar) am the grandson of Sarojini (Banutai), the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Banutai married NL Inamdar (Annasaheb). I am the son of Rear Adm. Yashwant Inamdar and Leela Raman.

I have just turned 60. I am with Heidrick & Struggles a global executive search and leadership consulting firm and head one of their subsidiary companies – a Knowledge Management organization. My family is pretty diverse. My mother (passed away in 2004) was Tamilian. My wife (Karti – my batch mate from IIM Ahmedabad) is from Kerala. My elder son ( Arjun – a banker with Credit Suisse in Zurich) is married to an Assamese Muslim girl – Zubina. My younger son (Siddharth- an engineer with Agilent Technologies in Rochester NY) is married to a Lebanese Catholic girl – Carole. They have a lovely 2-year-old daughter – Yara who is our pride & joy!

(Contributed by Rajiv Inamdar)

Update: There is a new addition to Siddharth’s family: Mazin Rumi, born on 4th December 2018.

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