The Jatar Deul in West Bengal

Jatar Deul

The mysterious Jatar Deol is a tall brick structure in West Bengal. It is 65 feet tall and has been declared a monument of National Importance and is under the guardianship of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

It is mysterious because no one really knows why it was built in the midst of dense forest over a thousand years ago. Was it an isolated building or was it part of dynasty about which no one knows about? Or was it built because of the patronage of a rich man? Historians are not sure. What they do know is that a copper plate found in 1875 (since stolen/lost) suggests that it was built in 975 AD by Raja Joychandra. Unfortunately, nothing much is known of this person. There is also speculation that it was built as late as the 18th century.

Historians are also unsure as to why it was named Jatar. Continue reading “The Jatar Deul in West Bengal”