Shrirang Arvind Talwalkar

Shrirang is the son of Leela Talwalkar and Dr Arvind Talwalkar (daughter and son-in-law of  Bhausaheb respectively). Bhausaheb was the son of Shriram Jatar.

By Shrirang Arvind Talwalkar

I am lucky to be alive. Credit goes to my parents. After I was born, there was an infection to my left hip which needed treatment by penicillin. The antibiotic was apparently not available in India, but as luck would have it, my father, Dr A. K. Talwalkar was in Liverpool, England, doing MCh (considered as the highest master’s degree in Surgical Science, the Master Chirurgiae is an extremely advanced and selective postgraduate/doctoral degree after Master of Surgery that equips an individual with a technical understanding of complex surgical procedures) and my mother Leela was brave enough to take my brothers and me to England by boat in 1946. I got the antibiotic and excellent orthopaedic treatment. This left a somewhat shortened leg but left me basically intact. This defect was eventually fixed in 2009 by hip replacement in the US. Continue reading “Shrirang Arvind Talwalkar”

Capt. Sanjai Madhukar Jatar

sanjai jatarSanjai Jatar is the son of Wg. Cdr. Madhukar (Mickey Jatar) VRC, VM. Mickey was one of the four sons of Dr Shantaram Kashinath Jatar (Babu Kaka) and Mrs Malatibai Jatar. Babu Kaka was Bapurao‘s son and the grandson of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

By Sanjai Madhukar Jatar

I, Capt. Sanjai Madhukar Jatar, am the eldest son of Mickey and Savita (Siv) Jatar. I have two younger brothers, Sanket and Jaideep Jatar.

I finished schooling in Delhi and graduated from T.S.Rajendra (ex Dufferin) and joined the Merchant Navy in 1980. I married Sangeeta (née Pradhan) in 1991, and we moved to the US in 1996, to pursue other opportunities. I completed my executive MBA from Texas A&M University while working in the Marine Offshore Oil & Gas Industry in Houston.

I married Sangeeta Pradhan, in May 1991. We have two daughters, Saakshi and Simran Jatar. Sangeeta is the daughter of Anil and Pratibha Pradhan and the great-granddaughter of Sir Govindrao Pradhan of Thana.

My older daughter, Dr Saakshi Jatar, is a dentist, currently completing her residency at Continue reading “Capt. Sanjai Madhukar Jatar”

Pramila Desai’s family

Pramila Desai is the great-grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar and granddaughter of Balasaheb Jatar, the son of Shriram Jatar who passed away early, from T.B., leaving behind his daughter Kumud Borgankar (nee Jatar) and widow Ramabai Jatar. Pramila is one of Kumud’s four daughters and presently lives in the USA.

The following write-up and photos have been contributed by Ranjan Desai, Pramila Desai’s son.

Pramila Desai nee Borgaonkar is the oldest daughter of Shankar Rao Borgaonkar and Kumudini Borgaonkar (nee Jatar) and the grand-daughter of Bala Saheb Jatar and Ramabai Jatar nee Khandekar (also called fondly as Dudhai).

Pramila married Kishen Rao Desai and has four children – Continue reading “Pramila Desai’s family”

Rosella Jatar

papa and rosalieWritten by Padmakar Jatar

Rosella and I were married in 1991 & she passed away in 1998.

A few words about her: She was a well qualified Registered E.R. Nurse, well known in Dallas as she headed several Nursing organizations.

She went to India twice with me, the first time in 1991 & we attended 2 weddings: first, Sanket’s Sikh wedding in Delhi, followed by Jaideep & Seema’s Marathi Brahmin style wedding in Pune, which included lunch on banana leaves on the floor! She handled everything very well.

The poverty in India didn’t bother her, at one point wanted to buy a flat in Pune. What is remarkable is that in 1998, as I was leaving for Pune to attend my Aai’s first death Continue reading “Rosella Jatar”

Padmakar Jatar from Las Vegas

padmakar jatarThe following write-up was contributed by Padmakar Jatar (known as Papa in the Jatar family) who is now living a happy retired life in Las Vegas. Papa Jatar is the son of Dr Shantaram Jatar (known as Babukaka) and Malti Phadnis and the grand-son of Kashinath Shriram Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar, (link to the family tree of Shriram. )  They had four sons, Bhalachandra (Chandu), Madhukar (Mickey), Padmakar (Papa) and Dinkar (Kumar)

Here is what Papakaka writes:

I am extremely proud of my family heritage and to belong to the Jatar family, a family of achievers. How many families do you know that in a close circle have got so many awards: Knighthood, Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra, and 3 Vayu Sena medals? Bhayya received a Vayu Sena medal and so did Mickey (in addition to a Vir Chakra) & Kumar got a Vayu Sena medal too.

The photograph below is of the four Jatar brothers in their youth, the four sons of Babukaka – Dr Shantaram Jatar. From Left to Right: Dinkar (Kumar), Madhukar (Micky), Padmakar (Papa) and Bhalachandra (Chandu). Continue reading “Padmakar Jatar from Las Vegas”

Udaiyan Jatar

Udaiyan Jatar is the great-grandson son of Kashinath Shriram Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar,  and this is the family tree of Shriram. One of Bapurao’s sons was Shantaram Jatar (known as Babukaka) who married Malti Phadnis. Udaiyan is Babukaka’s grand-son, and the son of Dinkar (Kumar) Jatar and Shaila Raje Pant.

Udiayan founded Blue Earth Network (here is a link to his website) after a successful career creating and launching new brands for Grey, P&G and Coca-Cola across the world. He developed the launch strategies for Kinley and Sprite in India, which became the #1 and #2 brands for Coke in that strategic market.

This led to a transfer to Coke’s global headquarters in Atlanta, where he eventually became the youngest leader of the Coca-Cola Nestle Refreshments Company, a joint venture between the world’s biggest beverage and food companies, respectively. His success at revamping that business led to Coca-Cola and Nestle deciding to elevate the JV to a strategic priority and naming it “Beverage Partners Worldwide”.

Udaiyan went on to become the youngest Global Vice-President Continue reading “Udaiyan Jatar”

Bal Borgaonkar’s 85th Birthday Photograph


The birthday party took place at Ed Oliver Golf Club, Wilmington, Delaware in the U.S.

Bal Borgaonkar sitting with wife Manda (nee Purandare) with Sonya (their daughter) in the center.
Standing L.R: Wyatt (Sonya’s son), Nisha (Ruma’s daughter), Revathi and Ruma (Bal Borgaonkar’s sister’s daughters), Raj (Bal Borgaonkar’s son), Uday Dudhbhate (Bal Borgaonkar’s sister’s son), Shankar Joshi, Sripad, Tara (Sonya’s daughter), Kumud (Uday’s wife), Rina (Ruma’s daughter), and Evan Borgaonkar (Raj’ s son)

Bal Borgaonkar is the grandson of Balasaheb Jatar, (his daughter Kumudini’s son). Balasaheb died early, and was the second son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar.

You can read about more about the Borgaonkars here: Bal Borgaonkar’s journey to America, about his sister Achala Rao and father Shankarao  and about Borgao.

Video recording of Pramila Desai

Pramila Desai is the great grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar and granddaughter of Balasaheb Jatar, the son who passed away very early, from T.B., leaving behind his daughter Kumud and widow Ramabai Jatar (known as Ramabai Dudai). Pramila is one of Kumud’s four daughters and presently lives in the USA.

This video was taken by her son Ranjan Desai in the USA and sent to us for the Jatar Get together (video recording here) of 29th of November 2015.

Here are the links to the video recordings of the other family members:

Bhalachandra Jatar (Chandu) video
Anjali Jatar Video
Jayanta Jatar Video
Video Recording of Sudhir Jatar
Nirmala Jatar’s video recording
Video recording of Dr. Usha Thakar


Bal Borgaokar’s Journey to America

Bal Borgaonkar is the son of Shankarao Borgaonkar and Smt. Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar.  Kumudini Jatar Borgaonkar was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, the son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar . 

Bal Borgaonkar is the brother of Mrs Achala Rao (nee Borgaonkar)

This is written by Bal Borgaonkar:-

  1. I was brought up and raised in erstwhile Hyderabad State in pre-partition India. Political changes there made things difficult for me to obtain a good education and pursue a professional career in my chosen field of genetics. Change in my specialization further from plant to human/medical genetics gave me a much wider scope. I do not think I would have been able to write Chromosomal Variation in Man and publish several (nine) editions from 1974/5 to the late 90s ( and an ebook in 2011/12 ( if I had not migrated.
  2. I obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. Secured a faculty position in Grand Forks, North Dakota (1963) after several attempts all over the world. Continue reading “Bal Borgaokar’s Journey to America”

Uday Dudhbhate and Kumudini Dudhbhate – family profile

Uday Dudhbhate is the son of Sarala Dudhbhate (née Borgaokar) and Anant Rao Dudhbhate who is the daughter of Shankar Rao and Kumudini Borgoankar (née Jatar). Kumudini Borgoankar née Jatar was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, who was the son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. Thus Uday is the grandson of Kumudini, the great-grandson of Balasaheb Jatar and the great-great grandson of Shriram Jatar.

Here is some information about Uday’s family:

Both Borgoankars and Dudhbhates were settled in Hyderabad during Nizam rule prior to India becoming independent. Uday’s paternal grand-father (Anant Rao Dudhbhate’s father) was a veterinary doctor in the Indian Army and his maternal grandfather (Shankar Rao Borgaokar) was Barrister of Law. Uday’s father Anant Rao retired as Additional Director Social Welfare Maharashtra Government, and was thus posted in various Districts of Maharashtra. He is settled in Pune.

Uday has done his M.Tech from IIT Madras and has an engineering business in Pune. His wife Kumudini Dudhbhate, née Desai (52) shares her name with my maternal grandmother (Kumudini Borgoankar née Jatar) and is also from Hyderabad. Kumud has done her M.Phil in Sociology and is currently helping me in my manufacturing business. We have two beautiful daughters.

Geetali (26) is our eldest and after her BE from Pune she completed her MS in Computer Science in May 2012 from the US and we feel proud to say that she was a research assistant and had full funding from the University for her MS. She also got an opportunity to work in NASA ‘s Mars Project as student Java Developer. She is now in San Diego working for Qual Comm as a Software Developer.

Gauravi (20) is our younger daughter and she is studying for her third year B.Tech from VIT Pune. She being a tall girl recently got an opportunity to walk the ramp as one of the finalists in a beauty pageant and appeared on page 3 of Pune Times. She thoroughly enjoyed this new experience.

(Contributed by Uday Dudhbhate)

Vidya and Suresh Chand – family profile

Vidya Chand nee Joshi, is the daughter of Nalini Joshi nee Jatar (Nanutai) who was the daughter of Vasudev Jatar (Appasaheb) and Radha (his first wife). Vasudev was the second eldest son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao). Bapurao was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. This makes Vidya the granddaughter of Appasaheb, the great-granddaughter of Bapurao and the great-great-granddaughter of Shriram Jatar. 

She has a sister, Mohini Kirtane and a brother, Vijay (deceased) a war hero.

Here is some information about Vidya : –

Vidya Chand (68) is married to Suresh Chand (71). Vidya was a history professor at Fergusson College, Pune, and was the Head of the Department of History. Vidya retired in 2004. Her husband Suresh was in the Indian Navy, and later in the offshore industry. He is retired now. They have settled in Pune.

Vidya and Suresh have two children, a daughter Deepika (43) and Gaurav (39).

Deepika is married to Hari Swaminathan (43). Hari is an IT  professional based in Cincinnati, USA. He works with Dell Inc. Presently. Deepika and Hari have two children – Eshan (10) and Ariana (7).

Vidya and Suresh’s son Gaurav is married to Ann Marie Chand, an Irish American. Gaurav is the Global Executive Director with Dell Inc. They have a two-year daughter Kaia (2). They live in Austin, United States.

(Contributed by Nita Jatar Kulkarni)

Smt. Achala Rao (née Borgaonkar) and her family

Smt. Achala Rao (nee Borgaonkar) was the daughter of Shankarao Borgaonkar and Smt. Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar. She is the sister of Bal Borgaonkar.

Kumudini Jatar Borgaonkar was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, the son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. Smt. Achala Borgoankar Rao was born on 29th October 1934 in Hyderabad. She attended school & college in Hyderabad & completed Master of Arts in Economics. She also worked as an Air Hostess with Indian Airlines prior to her marriage. On 15th April 1960, she got married to Dr Ramakanth Rao. She had two children, Nina & Nitin.

Her hobbies included playing the Sitar & Santoor. She is no more.

Dr. Ramakanth Rao was born on 14th November 1929 at Gulbarga which is now in Karnataka. He went to school and college in Hyderabad and completed Master of Science (MSc.). In 1953 he went to U.S.A, and completed his Masters & Doctorate in Chemical Engineering in 1957 from Iowa. From 1957 to 1981 he worked in Union Carbide, Mumbai & from 1981 to 1983 he worked for A.L.A. Chemicals Ltd. He has also passed away

Nina, the daughter of Dr. Rao and Achala Rao was born in Mumbai and migrated to the US in the early 80’s to pursue graduate studies in business. She is married to Sudhir Walvekar and they are settled in California, for many years. They have a daughter, Allika, an engineer by profession, who also lives in California.

Nitin was born in Mumbai on 09th August 1967 in Mumbai and went to Bombay Scottish School and thereafter completed his Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). His work experience is in the Administrative department. He got married to Maneesha Rao (née Hulyalkar) on 13th March 1994. They are now well settled in Pune since 2003.

(Contributed by Nitin Rao)