Four Jatar ladies of yesteryear

During the old days, taking a photograph was an event. People got dressed up and went to the studio. I can imagine how excited these lovely ladies must have been when they decked up in their finery and trooped to the studio.

This photo was probably clicked before 1927, because 1927 was the year when Indira Jatar got married.

From Left to Right: Kumud Jatar, Chani Jatar, Indira Jatar and Sarojini (Banutai [seated]).

4 ladies framed

Chani (Chandrabhaga) and Sarojini were sisters, daughters of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Sarojini married Narsimha Laxman Inamdar. Chani died early.

The ladies on either side of them are Kumud Jatar and Indira Jatar. Kumud Jatar was the daughter of Ranganath Jatar (Balasaheb), the son of Shriram Jatar who passed away very early when Kumud was a child. Later, Kumud married Shankarao Borgaonkar of Hyderabad. Indira Jatar was the daughter of Bhausaheb, and married Shri Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhajekar. Thus, Kumud and Indira were the first cousins of Chandrabhaga and Sarojini.

I cannot help but wonder what these sisters and cousins talked about. They led stable and secure lives and had loving families so their hopes and dreams came true. Except for Chani, ofcourse.

The Inamdar siblings

This a photograph of six Inamdar siblings, the children of Godutai, the daughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar and Janaki Deo (More information her background here). She married Laxman Inamdar (popularly known as Babasaheb). Unfortunately she died early (it is believed to be of pneumonia) and her husband followed soon after. The children were left orphans at very tender ages, one of them was barely two years old. Three of the children were looked after by the eldest son of Shriram Jatar, Bapurao, and were sent to Amravati. The others were looked after by the Inamdars.

One daughter of Godutai’s (Tara) died at a young age and is not in the photograph. Nanasaheb was a widower without issue, and quite close to Bhausaheb. He helped his wife Jiji when she was ill with TB and away in a sanatorium. He was a regular visitor to Neel Sadan, the home of Bhausaheb in Sadashiv Peth in Pune.

Inamdar siblings

Nicknames were common in those days. Annasaheb’s actual name was Narahari Jatar and Nanasaheb was Sadashiv Inamdar. The other names are given in the photograph above. Annasaheb married his first cousin, Banutai, who was the daughter of his mother’s brother (Bapurao). Banutai became an Inamdar and had two sons and one daughter – Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar, Bal Inamdar and daughter Sulabha who married Ramesh Gudi (Belgaon based)

You can check out the Inamdar Family Tree and also the family profile of Rajiv Inamdar, who is the son of Rear Admiral Yashwant Inamdar, and the grandson of Godutai, who was the sister of Bapurao and daughter of Shriram Jatar.

(Photograph and information provided by Vinita Chitale, the daughter of Purushottam (Pandit) Inamdar, and some information was also provided by Madhavi Date, nee Jatar, Bhausaheb’s grand-daughter)

Rajiv Inamdar and family

I (Rajiv Inamdar) am the grandson of Sarojini (Banutai), the daughter of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Banutai married NL Inamdar (Annasaheb). I am the son of Rear Adm. Yashwant Inamdar and Leela Raman.

I have just turned 60. I am with Heidrick & Struggles a global executive search and leadership consulting firm and head one of their subsidiary companies – a Knowledge Management organization. My family is pretty diverse. My mother (passed away in 2004) was Tamilian. My wife (Karti – my batch mate from IIM Ahmedabad) is from Kerala. My elder son ( Arjun – a banker with Credit Suisse in Zurich) is married to an Assamese Muslim girl – Zubina. My younger son (Siddharth- an engineer with Agilent Technologies in Rochester NY) is married to a Lebanese Catholic girl – Carole. They have a lovely 2-year-old daughter – Yara who is our pride & joy!

(Contributed by Rajiv Inamdar)

Update: There is a new addition to Siddharth’s family: Mazin Rumi, born on 4th December 2018.

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