Shriram and Damodar Jatar

By Brig. R.V Jatar.

My Grandfather Shriram Bhikaji (1839-1899) and his younger brother Damodar ran away from their home in Wai to Pune, not being happy with the way they were treated by their stepmother. Both Shriram and Damodar were some of the earliest graduates (B.A). Damodar did his BA in Elphinstone College in 1865.

His younger brother Damodar (real, not half brother) was brilliant, and passed BA in First-Class. He joined Govt High School, Satara, and became the Head Master.

            Shriram Jatar

Shriram was steady and solid whereas Damodar was brilliant but erratic. Both took to the education field.

Shriram joined the CP and Berar Education Department and rose gradually to become the Director of Public Instruction of CP and Berar. The British Director was being paid Rs 1000/- per month but this sum was denied to Baba (Shriram). Shriram protested by moving to Pune and staying on till he was paid the desired amount. He was paid the amount after a year or so and Shriram took up the post.

That was the era when the British were very eager to spread knowledge of the English language. Shriram did excellent work and his name was even mentioned in the British Parliament. It is thanks to people like Shriram Jatar that the English language has taken roots all over India. English is the reason why our country enjoys an advantage in the computer era over countries like China.

Damodar was the Headmaster of Satara High School. He was said to be addicted to liquor, which cast a shadow on his brilliance.

(Family History as learnt from Brig. Jatar’s father Abasaheb and even more so from Appasaheb’s diary in his possession.)

Shriram Jatar Family Tree

This is the Family tree of the oldest, senior Jatars:

Senior Jatars Tree

The Jatar ancestors before Shriram Jatar can be seen here on an older family tree.

Here is more information on Kashinath (Bapurao), Rangnath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb).

(This tree was prepared by Brig. Raghunath Jatar)