Dr Arvind Talwalkar (AKT)


My father, Dr Arvind Talwalkar, son-in-law of Lt Col Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar (son of Shriram Jatar) went to Grant Medical College and passed his MBBS with medals in most of the subjects. He did his residency with Dr Parmar and then went to England and passed his FRCS at first shot, which was very rare for an Indian doctor.

He returned to India and practised General Surgery at KEM Hospital. There he met Dr Katrak, an orthopaedic surgeon and with his encouragement he went back to Liverpool and did his MCh (Master of Surgery) degree in Orthopaedics. He travelled to Mayo Clinic and also saw well known orthopaedic surgeons’ work in Paris. It is fair to say that he was the first well trained Orthopaedic Surgeon in India. Little wonder that he got very very busy and had patients from all walks of life. Politicians, actors, actresses, businessmen and so on. He was humble, hard working and always cheerful. I think when a person gets to do what he enjoys his work becomes play and it no longer stressful. He travelled abroad several times to learn the latest techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery.

He married my mother Leela Talwalkar née Jatar after he came back from the UK after completing his FRCS.

I have met some of his patients in Canada and they were very grateful for the treatment they received. I have met some of his students and they are very grateful for his guidance. He started scholarships through Johnson and Johnson and Smith and Nephew to send Orthopaedic Surgeons to major centres in India and abroad, all expenses paid. No wonder they were very grateful as he went beyond the call of duty.

I was travelling from New Delhi to Pune by Indian Airlines and next to me was the famous actor Dilip Kumar. We started talking, and he learned that I was in Canada practising medicine. He asked me several questions about the medicines he was talking about keeping fit etc and when he learnt that I was AKT’s son he said oh I know your dad, he treated me for joint problems a few years back. I believe that was after my father had passed away and I was visiting my mother in Pune, probably in 1990 or so.

(Submitted by Dr Prafulla Talwalkar, son of Dr Arvind Talwalkar and Leela Talwalkar )

His daughter Lata (popularly known as Charu) says:

My father Dr Arvind K Talwalkar (AKT) did pioneering work in the field of orthopaedics and still I meet many of his students/acquaintances/patients who have tremendous respect for him. Even on international level he was respected in his field. Not only was he very bright,studious and hard working, he was helpful also. He was very interested in sports and could play bridge, table tennis etc very well. He also started scholarships.

Here is a photograph of AKT when he was young:

Arvind Talwalkar family
Left to Right: Prafulla (sitting), Ranjan (standing), Shrirang (sitting), Lata (sitting, back row), Arvindrao and Leela Talwalkar.