Video recording of Dr. Usha Thakar

Dr. Anjali Thakar (known as Usha amongst the Jatars) is a a doctorate in Psychology and has had a successful career. The daughter of Bhausaheb and the grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar, she is a very beautiful and talented lady who is 87 years old and now a widow. She has two sons, and one of them (Deepak Thakar) is now no more. Her younger son Suhas Thakar and his wife Varsha live with her in Pune. Her grand-daughter Himani Moghe lives in Seattle with her husband and son Siddhant, and grandson Harshavardhan lives in Mumbai with his wife.

This video recording was specifically made for the Jatar Get together (video recording here) held on the 29th of November 2015. It was made by her grand-daughter Himani Moghe.

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