Kaushal Inamdar singing

This is a video of Kaushal Inamdar singing at the Fairfield Marriott in Belgaon, at the Sangeet ceremony of his first cousin’s daughter, Nitya Gudi, who married Aditya Bhat.

Besides being a brilliant music composer, Kaushal is also a poet, singer and author and has made his mark in both Hindi and Marathi movies.

(Video by Nita Jatar Kulkarni)

Kaushal Inamdar – the renowned music composer

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 7.35.44 AMMusic composer Kaushal Inamdar is not just a music composer, but also a poet, author and singer.  He has achieved fame and renown in his field – in Marathi as well as Hindi movies. He composes music for films, television, dramas, events, concerts, ballets, advertisements, and also albums. Kaushal has won dozens of awards Continue reading “Kaushal Inamdar – the renowned music composer”