Birthday Speeches

On 21st January 2018, five cousins celebrated their august years, and their loved ones made speeches. The five cousins are the descendants of four Jatar brothers (Kashinath (Bapurao), Rangnath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb), and Vishnu (Abasaheb).  The birthday people are Bal Borgaonkar (descendant of Balasaheb), Chandu Jatar (descendant of Bapurao), Brig. R.V. Jatar (descendant of Abasaheb), Maj. Gen. S.C.N. Jatar and his elder sister, 90 year old Dr. Usha Thakar (descendants of Bhausaheb).

Here are a series of videos (all made by Niharika Jatar) which show the loved ones talking about their elders. The first one despicts Ranjit Jatar, the son of Brig. R.V. Jatar, Ravi (Nilkanth) Jatar, the son of Maj. Gen. S.C.N Jatar, and Kumud Dudhbhate, the wife of Uday Dudhbhate, the nephew of Bal Borgaonkar. Continue reading “Birthday Speeches”

Uday Dudhbhate and Kumudini Dudhbhate – family profile

Uday Dudhbhate is the son of Sarala Dudhbhate (née Borgaokar) and Anant Rao Dudhbhate who is the daughter of Shankar Rao and Kumudini Borgoankar (née Jatar). Kumudini Borgoankar née Jatar was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar, who was the son of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. Thus Uday is the grandson of Kumudini, the great-grandson of Balasaheb Jatar and the great-great grandson of Shriram Jatar.

Here is some information about Uday’s family:

Both Borgoankars and Dudhbhates were settled in Hyderabad during Nizam rule prior to India becoming independent. Uday’s paternal grand-father (Anant Rao Dudhbhate’s father) was a veterinary doctor in the Indian Army and his maternal grandfather (Shankar Rao Borgaokar) was Barrister of Law. Uday’s father Anant Rao retired as Additional Director Social Welfare Maharashtra Government, and was thus posted in various Districts of Maharashtra. He is settled in Pune.

Uday has done his M.Tech from IIT Madras and has an engineering business in Pune. His wife Kumudini Dudhbhate, née Desai (52) shares her name with my maternal grandmother (Kumudini Borgoankar née Jatar) and is also from Hyderabad. Kumud has done her M.Phil in Sociology and is currently helping me in my manufacturing business. We have two beautiful daughters.

Geetali (26) is our eldest and after her BE from Pune she completed her MS in Computer Science in May 2012 from the US and we feel proud to say that she was a research assistant and had full funding from the University for her MS. She also got an opportunity to work in NASA ‘s Mars Project as student Java Developer. She is now in San Diego working for Qual Comm as a Software Developer.

Gauravi (20) is our younger daughter and she is studying for her third year B.Tech from VIT Pune. She being a tall girl recently got an opportunity to walk the ramp as one of the finalists in a beauty pageant and appeared on page 3 of Pune Times. She thoroughly enjoyed this new experience.

(Contributed by Uday Dudhbhate)