Some thoughts on my mother – Kumudinibai Borgaonkar née Jatar

Kumudini Jatar was the daughter of Balasaheb Jatar and granddaughter of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. She was married to Shankar Rao Borgoankar and they settled in Hyderabad. 

By Digamber (Bal) Borgaonkar

kumudini young
Kumudini before marriage

We children called her Aai. She was born on Dec 2, 1908, and died on Feb 14, 1994, in Pune.

She went to High School in Nagpur, in CP and Berar province of British India, Later on, along with her first paternal cousin, Banutai Jatar Inamdar, she attended Fergusson College in Pune for a couple of years. She got married in Kulbarga (formerly Gulbarga, in Nizam’s Dominion) Karnataka in 1927.

She was named Parvati by the Borgaonkars, I remember that because Mai, wife of my father’s youngest uncle, Gopalrao (Kaka), who brought up my dad, used to call her by that name! I was not aware of very many weddings taking place in a bridegroom’s hometown but that was my parent’s life! Both of my parents were raised in ‘fatherless’ homes by their uncles in the paternalistic society of India.

My mother underwent 7 pregnancies in little more than a decade. I was the only son in the middle of 4 sisters as we grew up. Both of our grandmothers lived with us because my parents were their only children. My paternal grandmother was a ‘Sowli’ lady. She had my father in her teens and her husband died a few months Continue reading “Some thoughts on my mother – Kumudinibai Borgaonkar née Jatar”

Four Jatar ladies of yesteryear

During the old days, taking a photograph was an event. People got dressed up and went to the studio. I can imagine how excited these lovely ladies must have been when they decked up in their finery and trooped to the studio.

This photo was probably clicked before 1927, because 1927 was the year when Indira Jatar got married.

From Left to Right: Kumud Jatar [seated], Chandrabhaga (Chani) Jatar, Sarojini (Banutai) [seated] and Indira Jatar.

4 ladies framed

Chani (Chandrabhaga) and Sarojini were sisters, daughters of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Sarojini married Narsimha Laxman Inamdar. Chani died early, at the age of 18, of a heatstroke.

The ladies on either side of them are Kumud Jatar and Indira Jatar. Kumud was the daughter of Ranganath Jatar (Balasaheb), the son of Shriram Jatar. Kumud’s father, Balasaheb, passed away very early, when Kumud was a child. Later, Kumud married Shankarao Borgaonkar of Hyderabad. Indira Jatar was the daughter of Bhausaheb, and married Shri Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhajekar. Thus, Kumud and Indira were the first cousins of Chandrabhaga and Sarojini.

I cannot help but wonder what these sisters and cousins talked about. They led stable and secure lives and had loving families so their hopes and dreams came true. Except for Chani, tragically.

About Kumudini Borgoankar nee Jatar

Kumudini Borgaokar nee Jatar was the only long surviving child of Balasaheb Jatar. She was born on Dec 2 , 1908 and died on Feb 14, 1994 in Pune. She attended schools in Nagpur and then Fergusson College in Pune. She was also an Immigrant of USA and lived here off and on (from 1972 to 1976) after her husband’s death in 1971. She returned to India, to be with her mother who died in 1982. Days before her planned return to USA, she broke her hip, in a fall at her daughter’s residence in Dec 1983.

 Contributed by Bal Borgaonkar

Uday Dudhbhate‘s memories:

On the occasion of Narakchaturdashi I have my favourite memory of my grandmother Kumudini Jatar Borgaonkar whom we called Aai. In 1965-66 Diwali I was the only grandchild staying in my grandparents’ Hyderabad house. At that age too Aai got up at 4 in the morning to start Bumb to heat up water & woke me up for Abhangya snan. Not only that she gleefully burst Apatbars while every one was having bath & asked me to burst few she was having bath. I had lot of fun that Diwali.

There’s a saying in Marathi– Grandparents are first friends of a grandchild & Grandchild/grandchildren are last friends of grandparents.