By Dr Rama Kulkarni

Around 2015, Nita and I had talked of putting together some Jatar family recipes for the blog. I thought I would get the ball rolling by contributing some from my archives along with a few associated memories. It is a special feeling to be able to share some vintage recipes, some over a hundred years old now.

I grew up in a family where good cooking was relished and appreciated. My mother, Neelima Raddi, and grandmother (Indira Bhajekar née Jatar) were busy women with careers outside the home, but also seemingly blessed with magic powers by the goddess of food, Annapoorna. They could transform the simplest of ingredients into a delectable meal in minutes.

Indira Bhajekar’s notes

When I was in college I decided to write down some family recipes, starting by asking my beloved grandmother. We had a grand old time laughing together as she dictated them, especially at the sometimes baffling instructions for amounts of ingredients, which had me pestering her for specifics. Like all seasoned cooks (couldn’t resist that one!), she rarely needed to measure anything and everything was by “andaaz” or approximation born of experience. I would sternly tell her that “a bit“ and “a little” and “plenty” were not exactly going to be helpful directions to a novice. One recipe included cinnamon sticks. How much? As much as you can afford – came her quick, mischievous reply.

Whenever I visited her home, I loved looking through the collections of old photos and letters. Exploring an ancient cabinet, I came across one of her notebooks filled with handwritten recipes Continue reading “JATAR ANNAPOORNAS”

PMPL Driver Conductor Training by the Jatar Trust

The Vimalabai Jatar Charitable Trust has been funding the training of drivers and conductors for the past many years. The training happened this year too. The training takes place in several batches, of 24 drivers and 24 conductors in each batch (total 48) at IDTR, Pune (Institute of Driver Training and Research).

When the drivers and conductors work in pairs it improves communication. The training takes place over a period of two days.


Medha Jere conducted the role-play sessions. The drivers and conductors are put into difficult situations that they commonly face during their journey. For example, if a person with heavy luggage enters the bus and blocks the passage of other passengers.  Or when there is a conflict between passengers about seat-sharing. Or how to behave if a passenger complains of a missing wallet. Continue reading “PMPL Driver Conductor Training by the Jatar Trust”

Vimalabai Jatar Charitable Trust


The Vimalabai Jatar Charitable Trust was formed from the proceeds of the estate of Air Vice Marshal JN Jatar (popularly known as Bhaiyya) who expired in November 1992 in New Delhi. It was Bhaiyya’s wish that a Trust in the name of his mother (Lady Vimalabai Jatar) was established for the purpose of education. It is registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

There have been contributions from the heirs of the other brothers of AVM Jatar as also Maj Gen SCN Jatar.

The primary objective is Education & Training.

Maj Gen SCN Jatar (Sudhir) has been running this trust since its inception and recently several new trustees have been inducted.

This trust has given scholarships to meritorious students in the past but now is mainly concentrating on funding deserving organisations like BORI (The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute), Tathapi, KKPKP (Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat) and the Gurnam Boys Academy of the Bombay Sappers. It has also funded the training of PMPML drivers and conductors which usually happens at ITDR (Institute of Driver Training and Research) in Pune.

Contributed by Maj Gen SCN Jatar.

(The late AVM JN Jatar [Bhaiyya] was the son of Bhausaheb and the grandson of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. He never married).

Unveiling of Jiji’s photograph at the Seva Sadan Sabhagriha

These photographs were taken during the unveiling of the photograph of Shrimati Vimlabai Jatar (popularly known as Jiji) at the Smt. Vimalabai Jatar Sabhagriha of Seva Sadan Society. She had a title: Lady Vimalabai Jatar because her husband, Bhausaheb, was knighted by the queen of England.

This is the photo of the school – the Seva Sadan High School. Jiji’s photo is here because her husband Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar (Bhausaheb) paid Rs. 5000 in 1947 for the construction of the hall. Sudhir, Maj Gen SCN Jatar, who contributed this post, paid an additional Rs. 80000 in 2005 for renovation of the school. The good news is that this good work is being renewed. Seva Sadan renovated the Hall at their own cost for Rs. 16 lakhs! Now it has a seating capacity of 400-450 on chairs and 500-550 seated on the ground. Continue reading “Unveiling of Jiji’s photograph at the Seva Sadan Sabhagriha”