Lessons from my father

Nilkanth (Ravi) Jatar has penned these thoughts about his father, Maj Gen. SCN Jatar (Sudhir). Sudhir is the grandson of Shriram Jatar.

Ravi writes about the lessons he has learnt from his father. In summary he talks of five lessons, each of which he has illustrated with actual examples:

  1. Focus
  2. Hard Work
  3. Planning
  4. Integrity
  5. Courage
Father and Son

You can read the detailed document here:

I want to add two more points (as Sudhir’s daughter). The two values of “Service” and “Loyalty” are very much a part of his personality. I will be elaborating on this a little later.

War achievements of 105 regiment

Enclosed is an image which shows the “Excerpts from an official document acclaiming the role of the 105 Regiment in 1971 Indo-Pakistan War”. These extracts are recommendations sent to Army HQ from two Brigade HQ and HQ Infantry Division to which 105 Engineer Regiment gave close support during the battle for Punch in the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

My father Maj Gen SCN Jatar, served as the Commanding Officer of 105 Engineer Regiment from 1971 to November 1975.

105 in 71 War

Here is in brief what the above image documents: Continue reading “War achievements of 105 regiment”

Birthday Speeches

On 21st January 2018, five cousins celebrated their august years, and their loved ones made speeches. The five cousins are the descendants of four Jatar brothers (Kashinath (Bapurao), Rangnath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb), and Vishnu (Abasaheb).  The birthday people are Bal Borgaonkar (descendant of Balasaheb), Chandu Jatar (descendant of Bapurao), Brig. R.V. Jatar (descendant of Abasaheb), Maj. Gen. S.C.N. Jatar and his elder sister, 90 year old Dr. Usha Thakar (descendants of Bhausaheb).

Here are a series of videos (all made by Niharika Jatar) which show the loved ones talking about their elders. The first one despicts Ranjit Jatar, the son of Brig. R.V. Jatar, Ravi (Nilkanth) Jatar, the son of Maj. Gen. S.C.N Jatar, and Kumud Dudhbhate, the wife of Uday Dudhbhate, the nephew of Bal Borgaonkar. Continue reading “Birthday Speeches”

85th and 90th Birthday Party of 5 cousins

On the 21st of January the descendants of four Jatar brothers (Kashinath (Bapurao), Rangnath (Balasaheb), Nilkanth (Bhausaheb), and Vishnu (Abasaheb) came together to celebrate their birthday.

The birthday people are Bal Borgaonkar (descendant of Balasaheb), Chandu Jatar (descendant of Bapurao), Brig. R.V. Jatar (descendant of Abasaheb), Maj. Gen. S.C.N. Jatar and his elder sister, Dr. Usha Thakar (descendants of Bhausaheb) who is 90 years old.

Here is a slideshow (photos by Ranjit Jatar) of the birthday boys eating cake. Continue reading “85th and 90th Birthday Party of 5 cousins”

Video Recording of Sudhir Jatar

Maj Gen. SCN Jatar (known as Sudhir) is the youngest son of Bhausaheb, and grand-son of Shriram Jatar. He has had a distinguished career in the Army, and later in the public sector, he was appointed the Resident Chief Executive of Oil India Ltd., and then rose to the post of Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of Oil India. After this, he held other distinguished posts with the government and was also called upon for his expertise in Oil by various government organisations. Always a person who looked after “his men” in the Army, he dedicated his life after retirement to selfless social service. He brought up the organisation Nagrik Chetna Manch to what it is today and works tirelessly to serve the public. Besides this, he runs an educational trust in the name of his mother, Jiji (Vimala), a Dixit girl from Nagpur.

This video was made by his daughter Nita Jatar Kulkarni, for the Jatar Get-Together (video recording here) held on the 29th of November 2015.


Here are the links to the video recordings of the other family members:

Bhalachandra Jatar (Chandu) video
Anjali Jatar Video
Jayanta Jatar Video
Video recording of Pramila Desai
Video recording of Dr. Usha Thakar
Nirmala Jatar’s video recording

Suman, Ashoo, Sudhir with Suniti, Balu, Bhaiyya (1949)

Suman, Ashoo, Sudhir with Suniti, Balu, Bhayya (1949)

Cousins gathered in Neel Sadan, an old bungalow belonging to Bhausaheb in Sadashiv Peth, Pune, which has since been torn down and replaced by apartments. Suman Kirlosker and Ashu Lambe (sisters) are the daughters of Bhausaheb’s brother-in-law Mr. Dixit of Nagpur (he was his second wife’s) brother. The girls are first cousins to Sudhir, Balu, Bhaiyya and Baba. Though this photograph was taken in Neel Sadan, the house in the background is the neighboring house known as the Pavgi Wada which is still standing. The photo was taken with the teenagers sitting on a small fountain in the garden of Neel Sadan. The girl in the lap is a cousin from the Jatar side. Suniti, the daughter of Dasukaka, the son of Bhausaheb’s sister, Aavadabai.

A group photo of the older generation

This is a photograph of some Jatars, and also others who had a female Jatar ancestor. This photograph was taken on the seventy-fifth birthday celebrations. These men are more or less the same age although some are cousins, and others children of cousins. You can check out if you see any resemblance between them!

From LtoR: Sudhir jatar, Jayant Jatar, Bal Borgaonkar, Ashok Bhajekar, Raghunath Jatar and Chandu Jatar.

All of the women in this photograph are the spouses, not of Jatar ancestry.

The people standing from left to right are Chandu Jatar, Maj Gen. SCN (Sudhir) Jatar, Bal Borgaokar, Ashok Bhajekar, Brig. Raghunath Jatar and Jayant Jatar.

The women sitting are Sarla Jatar (née Purandare), wife of Sudhir Jatar, Manda Borgaokar (née Purandare), wife of Bal Borgaokar, Suneela Bhajekar (née Ganorkar) and Nilakshi Jatar (née Bal), wife of Raghunath Jatar.

1) Chandu Jatar is the son of  Babukaka who was the son of Bapurao Jatar, who was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. Chandu is the same age as Sudhir, because of the age difference between the two brothers – Bapurao and Bhausaheb.
2) Maj. Gen. SCN Jatar  is the son of Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar, who was the younger brother of Bapurao.
3) Bal Borgaokar’s mother was a Jatar and her name was Kumudini Jatar, and she was the daughter of Balasaheb (brother to Bapurao and Bhausaheb), son of Shriram Jatar. Kumudini’s husband was Shankarao Borgaokar.
4) Ashok Bhajekar is the son of Indirabai Bhajekar, who was the eldest child of Lt. Col. Sir Nilkanth Shriram Jatar
5) Brig. Raghunath Jatar is the son of Abbasaheb, who was also known as Vishnu Shriram Jatar, another one of Shriram’s sons, and brother to Bapurao, and Bhausaheb.
6) Jayant (Dattatrya) Jatar, is the son of Appasaheb, who was the son of Bapurao. Due to the fact that Bapurao was many years older than Bhausaheb, Jayant is the same age as Sudhir. He is married to Sheela Pandit, but she is not in the photograph.

(Colour photo provided by Hirkani Padhye and black and white photo provided by Sudhir Jatar. Post written by Nita Jatar Kulkarni)

A recent photograph of Dr Sheila Bhagvat and Gen SCN Jatar

This photograph was taken in Thane last year when I went to visit my aunt SheilaAtya at her residence in Thane, Maharashtra. My dad was with me(her younger brother). I thought I would share this picture with all of you.


Dr Sheila Bhagvat is my aunt who is now 83 years old and she is a gynaecologist who singlehandedly ran the Bhagvat Hospital in Thane for many years. Her son Milind Bhagvat, is also a doctor. She is the daughter of Bhausaheb and the grand-daughter of Shriram Jatar.