By Dr Rama Kulkarni

Around 2015, Nita and I had talked of putting together some Jatar family recipes for the blog. I thought I would get the ball rolling by contributing some from my archives along with a few associated memories. It is a special feeling to be able to share some vintage recipes, some over a hundred years old now.

I grew up in a family where good cooking was relished and appreciated. My mother, Neelima Raddi, and grandmother (Indira Bhajekar née Jatar) were busy women with careers outside the home, but also seemingly blessed with magic powers by the goddess of food, Annapoorna. They could transform the simplest of ingredients into a delectable meal in minutes.

Indira Bhajekar’s notes

When I was in college I decided to write down some family recipes, starting by asking my beloved grandmother. We had a grand old time laughing together as she dictated them, especially at the sometimes baffling instructions for amounts of ingredients, which had me pestering her for specifics. Like all seasoned cooks (couldn’t resist that one!), she rarely needed to measure anything and everything was by “andaaz” or approximation born of experience. I would sternly tell her that “a bit“ and “a little” and “plenty” were not exactly going to be helpful directions to a novice. One recipe included cinnamon sticks. How much? As much as you can afford – came her quick, mischievous reply.

Whenever I visited her home, I loved looking through the collections of old photos and letters. Exploring an ancient cabinet, I came across one of her notebooks filled with handwritten recipes Continue reading “JATAR ANNAPOORNAS”

Nalini Joshi – a woman far ahead of her time!

NanutaiMRS NALINI JOSHI née JATAR was the eldest daughter of Appasaheb Jatar. Appasaheb was the son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest child of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. This family tree will explain it further. 

The following write-up and photograph have been contributed by Mohini Kirtane.

Nalini Joshi née Jatar, the granddaughter of Bapurao, was born on 2nd August 1920 in Pune. Tragically, her mother Radha (Vatsala Mainkar) passed away at an early age, leaving behind an only child, Nalini. In fact, Appasaheb was in London when he heard that she was ill with TB. Appasaheb states in his diary that he flew down from London against Bapurao’s wishes and was just in time to see her breathe her last.

Thereafter Appasaheb married Radha Shevde (known to all as Tai or Radha Vahini).

Nalini, popularly known as Nanutai in the family, was Continue reading “Nalini Joshi – a woman far ahead of her time!”

The senior Jatar ladies

These are old photographs of Vishnu Jatar’s (Abasaheb’s) family. Abasaheb was the son of Shriram Jatar. Abasaheb was born in 1892. He married twice. His first wife was Satyabhama (Jiji) and her maiden name was Chhabutai Pandit. Abasaheb’s second wife, also named Satyabhama, after marriage, was Sundaritai Khandekar (Mai Ajji).

Chhabutai had two children, daughter Vimal and Son Balkrishna (Bal). Sundaritai had four children, daughters Saral and Meera, and sons Prabhakar and Raghunath.

This is a photograph of Abasaheb’s second wife Sundaritai with her daughter Saral. Continue reading “The senior Jatar ladies”