Saral Thakkar née Jatar

Saral Thakkar

Saral Thakkar (née Suhasini Jatar) is the daughter of Abasaheb Jatar, and the granddaughter of Shriram Jatar.

The following information has been sent by Padmini Taskar née Thakkar, Saral Thakkar’s daughter:

Saral Thakkar is the older sister of Brig Raghunath Jatar. She was married to Vasant Thakkar and had a long rewarding career with the State Trading Corporation, STC Mumbai for 31 years, retiring as Marketing Manager.

She has two daughters. Ashwini is older and married to Mukund Deshpande. Ashwini has one daughter Poulomi, married to Rohit Rajurkar. The Deshpande clan resides in Melbourne, Australia. Ashwini and Mukund are both CAs from India and now CPAs @Australia.

Saral Thakkar’s younger daughter, Padmini Taskar, resides with her daughter, Sanjana Taskar, in Maryland, near Washington DC, USA. Padmini works in an IT & Strategy consulting firm. Sanjana is pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts.

Saral Thakkar is presently staying in Pune with her brother Raghunath Jatar. Prior to that, she spent most of her recent years with her two daughters.

Saral Thakkar with her daughters Ashwini and Padmini

Sibling togetherness

This is a photograph of Brig. Raghunath Jatar and his elder sister Saral Thakkar (88 years old). Usually, she lives in the U.S and in Australia with her two daughters, Padmini and Ashwini. She is presently in India, staying with her younger brother until she is well enough to travel abroad.

The father of these two siblings was Abasaheb, the son of Shriram Jatar.

Raghunath and sis

The above photograph was taken by Ranjit Jatar at the Shiva and Datta temple in Armament Colony close to Moreshwar.

The senior Jatar ladies

These are old photographs of Vishnu Jatar’s (Abasaheb’s) family. Abasaheb was the son of Shriram Jatar. Abasaheb was born in 1892. He married twice. His first wife was Satyabhama (Jiji) and her maiden name was Chhabutai Pandit. Abasaheb’s second wife, also named Satyabhama, after marriage, was Sundaritai Khandekar (Mai Ajji).

Chhabutai had two children, daughter Vimal and Son Balkrishna (Bal). Sundaritai had four children, daughters Saral and Meera, and sons Prabhakar and Raghunath.

This is a photograph of Abasaheb’s second wife Sundaritai with her daughter Saral. Continue reading “The senior Jatar ladies”