My father Sharad Jatar

My father Sharad (Vinayak) Jatar, the son Appasaheb (Vasudev), the grandson of Bapurao and the great-grandson of Shriram Jatar, expired suddenly at the age of 48 on 20th March 1974, when my younger brother Srinivas Jatar was only 9 years old. It was a terrible shock for our whole family. He was ill only for 10 days so we were really at a loss to know his exact illness. It started with jaundice and later developed to pneumonia to add to the complications.

Baba was a very honest and upright officer in Air India and my mother Nirmala Jatar bore the tragedy with exemplary courage as a result of which we could also bear the shock and carry on our work in peace.

This is the obituary from Air India’ s magazine, “The Magic Carpet” after Baba’s sudden death.

sharad jatar obituary

As the above Obituary states, Vinayak Jatar was a smart and conscientious employee missed by his colleagues. Given below is the text of the above obituary.

Mr.VV Jatar, Deputy Engineering Manager, who died on March 20th 1974, had never missed a day’s work because of illness. ‘He would always be there before all of us,’ remarked a colleague.So the news of his death, after a short illness which no one thought was serious,had a particularly shattering effect on his colleagues and friends in the Engg.Department.

Staff in the Maintenance Division,who knew him so well found it difficult to believe that they would no more see his youthful,tall and wiry figure striding along the hangar floor.Quiet and serious,Mr.Jatar had never been known to lose his temper. He limed going for picnics and loved Indian Classical music.

In a letter to Mrs Jatar, Mr Om Sawhney, Director of Engg., and other executives of the Engg.Dept., said: ‘Whilst we have lost a very valued and dear colleague and we feel his absence,the loss suffered by you and your children is irreparable.’

Mr Jatar, who was born at Akot, Akola Dist., in 1925 and educated in Poona, joined Air-India at the beginning of 1947 after three years in the Air Force during the war. During Kashmir operations he briefly went back to the Air Force. Later our Chairman sent him a letter of appreciation for his work.

Mr Jatar became an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in September 1948 and almost 20 years later Deputy Engg. Manager in the Components Overhaul Division. He took over the Periodic Maintenance in October 1973.

Mr Jatar leaves behind his wife,two daughters and a son. One of his daughters is married. We send our sincere condolences to them. signed by Capt. M.S.Ahlawat.


My father loved Indian Classical Music and myself, Vidula and Urmila grew up listening to Bhimsen Joshi on the tape recorder which he had got from Germany.

It is sad that Srinivas only got to see him for 9 years and my mother brought him up alone.

My grandmother Radha vahini (as she was known) expired on Diwali Amavasya, just 6 months before my father. There is this belief that whoever expires on Amavasya day takes somebody with him/her. Although we didn’t know about this superstition, my father’s death occurred 6 months later on 20th March 1974.

My grandfather Appasaheb had to bear the double tragedy of his wife’s death in October 1973 and his eldest son’s death in March 1974, before he himself expired on 15th Aug.1975.

Sadly, there were 3 deaths in our family in 3 years.

Contributed by Lalita Natu nee Jatar, the daughter of Sharad Jatar.


Sheela (Lalita) Natu

Lalita Natu (nee Jatar) is the daughter of Vinayak (Sharad) Jatar, who was the son of Vasudev (Appasaheb) from his second wife Leela Shevde. In the photo above she is seen with her sister, Vidula.

Appasaheb was the son of Bapurao, who was the son of Shiram Jatar. Lalita (Sheela is her other name) has two daughters, Malvika and Ashwini. She has a sister Vidula and a brother Srinivas Jatar.

This is what Lalita writes about herself:

I was very fond of film songs, bhavgeet etc. since my childhood. I was a Light Music artiste for AIR in Pune and Mumbai for few years. In 1994 after separation from my husband I came to Thane and with the help of Vidula and Dr. Bhagwat bought a flat in Louiswadi, Thane,Thane. I repaid them later. But both of them have been a moral support to me since 1994.

I was working in a travel agency till 1997 after which I started my own music classes and also school tuitions. Then under Vidula’s guidance from 1997 to 2000 I completed Visharad and then Alankar from Gandharva Mahavidyalay in 2005 which is equivalent to MA in music. But I’ve always been more fond of light music so I teach both Classical and Light songs.
I composed a few tunes for Bhavgeet but as I don’t have a big name I didn’t come out with my own cassette. But that is not at all important for me.

(Contributed by Sheela (Lalita) Natu.