Sheela Natu (Lalita Jatar)


Sheela Natu (Lalita Jatar) is the daughter of Vinayak (Sharad) Jatar. Sharad Jatar was the son of Vasudev (Appasaheb), from his second wife Leela Shevde. Appasaheb was the son of Bapurao, who was the son of Shriram Jatar.

Lalita (Sheela is her other name) has two daughters, Malvika and Ashwini. She has a sister Vidula and a brother Srinivas.

This is what Lalita writes about herself:

I was very fond of film songs, bhavgeet etc. since my childhood. I was a Light Music artiste for AIR in Pune and Mumbai for few years. In 1994 after separation from my husband I came to Thane and with the help of Vidula and Dr. Bhagwat bought a flat in Louiswadi, Thane,Thane. I repaid them later. But both of them have been a moral support to me since 1994.

I was working in a travel agency till 1997 after which I started my own music classes and also school tuitions. Then under Vidula’s guidance from 1997 to 2000 I completed Visharad and then Alankar from Gandharva Mahavidyalay in 2005 which is equivalent to MA in music. But I’ve always been more fond of light music so I teach both Classical and Light songs.
I composed a few tunes for Bhavgeet but as I don’t have a big name I didn’t come out with my own cassette. But that is not at all important for me.

(Contributed by Lalita (Sheela) Natu.