Suman, Ashoo, Sudhir with Suniti, Balu, Bhaiyya (1949)

Suman, Ashoo, Sudhir with Suniti, Balu, Bhayya (1949)

Cousins gathered in Neel Sadan, an old bungalow belonging to Bhausaheb in Sadashiv Peth, Pune, which has since been torn down and replaced by apartments. Suman Kirlosker and Ashu Lambe (sisters) are the daughters of Bhausaheb’s brother-in-law Mr. Dixit of Nagpur (he was his second wife’s) brother. The girls are first cousins to Sudhir, Balu, Bhaiyya and Baba. Though this photograph was taken in Neel Sadan, the house in the background is the neighboring house known as the Pavgi Wada which is still standing. The photo was taken with the teenagers sitting on a small fountain in the garden of Neel Sadan. The girl in the lap is a cousin from the Jatar side. Suniti, the daughter of Dasukaka, the son of Bhausaheb’s sister, Aavadabai.