Dr. Prafulla Talwalkar and family

I, Prafulla Talwalkar, son of Leela Talwalkar and Dr. Arvind Talwalkar (daughter and son-in-law of  Bhausaheb, son of Shriram Jatar), passed my MBBS in 1966 and did residency at the KEM Hospital. At that time my mother asked me if I was interested in getting engaged or married as there were apparantly several people were inquiring about me. I remember a picture of Vishwamitra in Bhausaheb’s house in Neel-Sadan showing Vishwamitra saying no no no to all the women I said same no not till I get settled in my life. And my mom left it at that. However each weekend me and my colleauges used to discuss re plans for the weekend and many said they are going out to eat pohe or khichdi translation going to see a girl. I used to envey them as I missed eating pohe or khichadi.

Then one week my mother told me I was going to see a girl at the Wellington club on a saturday when I was not on call. She said Ushamoushi and Suman Dixit have proposed it from Kirloskar family so we have no choice you have to see her if you do not like her we will say patrika does not match nobody is forcing you to marry ok. Well I had learned from exprience I cannot win an argument with mom so go with the flow. So we went to the club but no pohe no khichadi had coffee and cucumber sandwitches and so on. But the girl Suniti was very pretty. Ingragit mhantat sonyala gold sunitila pahun me zalo clean bold. So this Vishwamitra said yes yes yes and after going out with Suniti for several months we got engaged and finally married and that was 41 years ago. Secret of the success of our marriage is when Suniti asks me to jump I ask how far?

I am a family physician practicing in Mississauga 20 miles from Toronto. I have been in practice for 30 years and now have 5 generations of patients coming to see me. My wife, Suniti is daughter of Mr R.L. Kirloskar and Mrs Indutai Kirloskar. She works as an assistant manager with the Royal Bank where she has been working for 30 years

About the rest of us
So finally did it help that my Dad married a girl from Jatar family, a family of tall people. I am 5feet 11 inches tall in shoes I stand 6 feet. Dhruva is 5 feet 11, Nitin is 6 feet 2 inches, Arjun is 5 feet 9 inches I guess we are taller than average Talwalkar. So take my advice marry a Tallwalkar your next generation will be tall.
My youngest son is Arjun‘s wife is Monika Pundalik, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pundalik from Delaware USA. They have two sons, Milind and Devan.

Our first son is Dhruva. He is married to Anisha Bhandari.

My second son Nitin is married to Tomoko Myint whose father Tom is chinese and mom Yasuko is Japanese.  They have three beautiful daughters Mayako, Emiko and Aiko.

(Contributed by Dr. Prafulla Talwalkar from Toronto, Canada)