Vidya and Suresh Chand – family profile

Vidya Chand nee Joshi, is the daughter of Nalini Joshi nee Jatar (Nanutai) who was the daughter of Vasudev Jatar (Appasaheb) and Radha (his first wife). Vasudev was the second eldest son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao). Bapurao was the eldest son of Shriram Jatar. This makes Vidya the granddaughter of Appasaheb, the great-granddaughter of Bapurao and the great-great-granddaughter of Shriram Jatar. 

She has a sister, Mohini Kirtane and a brother, Vijay (deceased) a war hero.

Here is some information about Vidya : –

Vidya Chand (68) is married to Suresh Chand (71). Vidya was a history professor at Fergusson College, Pune, and was the Head of the Department of History. Vidya retired in 2004. Her husband Suresh was in the Indian Navy, and later in the offshore industry. He is retired now. They have settled in Pune.

Vidya and Suresh have two children, a daughter Deepika (43) and Gaurav (39).

Deepika is married to Hari Swaminathan (43). Hari is an IT  professional based in Cincinnati, USA. He works with Dell Inc. Presently. Deepika and Hari have two children – Eshan (10) and Ariana (7).

Vidya and Suresh’s son Gaurav is married to Ann Marie Chand, an Irish American. Gaurav is the Global Executive Director with Dell Inc. They have a two-year daughter Kaia (2). They live in Austin, United States.

(Contributed by Nita Jatar Kulkarni)