A hero’s journey

VIJAY JOSHI (28.3.1940 – 01.09.1965) was the son of Mrs Nalini Joshi nee Jatar, otherwise known as Nanutai. Nanutai was the eldest daughter of Appasaheb Jatar and the granddaughter of Bapurao Jatar and the great-grandaughter of Shriram Jatar.

By Mohini Kirtane nee Joshi

At the outset, I must state that this account of Vijay is a personal account as we knew him but official records of his death are also doubtless available.

vijay joshiBorn in Pune in the Shriram Wada at Narayan Peth, Vijay in his early childhood went to Navin Marathi  Shala. Neelima Raddi nee Bhajekar was his classmate. Later, Vijay went to Modern High School. Since his father Madhav Krishna Joshi was in the M.E.S which was a transferrable job, Vijay was put in boarding school (Modern High School). It used to be Madhav Mama’s duty to pick him up from school particularly on week-ends, a task which he laughingly described as detestable!

Early stages of Vijay’s schooling was in Modern High School till, one day, Vijay rebelled stating categorically that he wished to go to an English Medium School as he never could understand head or tail of what his sisters Vidya and Mohini used to say, as they went to an English Medium School.

Hence the momentous decision was taken by Nanutai to send him to Continue reading “A hero’s journey”

FL/LFT VIJAY MADHAV JOSHI – remembering a hero

This post is a tribute to an unsung hero – the brother of Mohini Kirtane and Vidya Chand – Vijay Joshi . He died 50 years ago – on the first of September 1965. He gave up his life for INDIA .

Vidya, Mohini and Vijay are the three children of Nalini (Nanutai) and MK Joshi. Nanutai was a Jatar girl, the daughter and only surviving child of Radha (nee Vatsala Mainkar) and Vasudev (Appasaheb) Jatar. Appasaheb was the son of Kashinath Jatar (Bapurao), who was the eldest child of Shriram Bhikaji Jatar. This family tree will place him well.

Vijay is the grandson of Appasaheb, the great-grandson of Bapurao and the great-great-grandson of Shriram Jatar.

This is a tribute to him in the Times of India by the brother in law of Vijay (Vijay’s wife Sandhya’s brother). Sandhya was a Gadgil before marrying Vijay. Continue reading “FL/LFT VIJAY MADHAV JOSHI – remembering a hero”